Are you only wearing 20% of your wardrobe or less?

Are you swimming in piles of clothes you've never worn?  


Even got some with the tags on?  


These items are just making you feel bad, reminding you of why you don't wear them or worse still the money you wasted.


I will come to your home and help you work through your existing wardrobe giving you a new sense of clarity and organisation.


We will keep what works for your body shape and I will create outfits tailored to flatter and compliment you.


Once we are left with good stuff, it is then down to me to give you suggestions on what to buy, plan your capsule / seasonal wardrobe or even better; take you shopping!



Out with the with the NEW YOU!

Wardrobe Edit

6 hours – Recommended for New Customers

3 hours – Seasonal Transition - Regular Customers

1-2 Hours - Recommended for initial wardrobe

consultations and declutters

'Transform Me' Package
A great value package that combines both a Wardrobe Edit and a Personal Shop to ensure I have an excellent image of you current wardrobe, and can create a list of items missing from what you already have

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Wanting to check dates before you commit?

Email me at: to check my availability.