Are you swimming in piles of clothes you've never worn? 


Feel disorganised and overwhelmed when you open the wardrobe doors?


Got clothes with the tags on that you never returned?  


These items are just making you feel bad, reminding you of why you don't wear them or worse still the money you wasted.


A virtual wardrobe edit enables me to get my hands on your wardrobe without needing to come to your home. 


Maybe you live too far away, you're only free time is in the evening or you simply want to do things via video.


I will work through your existing wardrobe item by item identifying whether they work for your body and your Style ABC. I'll explain why certain things you have no longer work for you, which colours you have that are FAB and which are draining you.

I will advise you keep what works for your body shape and I will suggest items you could team with those items to create outfits that compliment you.

Once we are left with good stuff I'll give you suggestions on what to buy to complete outfits, plan your seasonal wardrobe or even better plan a personal / online shop with you!

A virtual wardrobe edit is not only educational, it is uplifting, liberating and cathartic.

Are you only wearing 20% of your wardrobe or less?

The Virtual Wardrobe Edit

Out with the with the NEW YOU!
Virtual / Online Wardrobe Edit

Virtual / Online Wardrobe Edit


Wanting to check dates before you commit?

Email me at: to check my availability.