The Style Bibles

The essential shopping Bible for women who want to look good.

What is included in your Body Shape Style Bible?

Well to start with - it's gorgeous and glossy and fits in your handbag!

Contains a full list of styles of the following for your body shape;

- Tops, Dresses & Jumpsuits

- Jackets & Coats

- Trousers

- Leggings and Jeggings

- Shorts & Skirts

- Accessories

- Belts & Bags

- Footwear & Swimwear

- Outfit Inspiration

- Golden Rules of Dressing 

- Proportions

- 4 Seasonal Colour Palettes

- Plus Size and Tall

- Big Boobs vs Small Boobs

- Shopping and Sales Survival

- The Jeans Guide

- Capsule Wardrobe

- DIY Wardrobe Edit

- A full photo glossary 

Goodbye style jargon!

Customer Reviews

" Since having my Style Bible I've realised where I've been going wrong all those years and now 

feel confident enough to wear the things I love because I know how to wear them.

I've had more compliments in the last week than I have my entire life 

"It's jam packed full of timeless, personalised style advice.  Such amazing value for money.

It's a fantastic guide which will change the way you dress, look and feel towards your body! 

"Life changing book! My wife never knew why she didn't look right in certain clothes and it really affected her mood. She'd searched the internet for some inspiration and had used many online coaches but found none were any good. Pointers for Pears has changed the way she shops, she feels more confident and is a whole new person. If I could give this 100 stars I would as it has literally changed our lives.  Thanks Joy for everything!"

Don't yet know your body shape?

Online Body Shape Analysis & Style Bible

Online Body Shape Analysis & Style Bible


Already know your body shape?

The Style Bibles

The Style Bibles


Want to buy now and discover your body shape at a later date?

The Ultimate Body Shape Style Bible makes the perfect gift as it

contains advice for all 5 shapes and a code to redeem a free online body shape analysis

at a time that suits you or the person you buy it for.

The Ultimate Body Shape Style Bible

The Ultimate Body Shape Style Bible

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Want The Digital Copy Right Now?

The Ultimate Style Bible - Digital Download

The Ultimate Style Bible - Digital Download

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