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101 Dalmatinac Crtani Film Na Srpskom Download 30 noellemu




Sinhronizovani crtani filmovi "The Original version of one of the longest running Disney series, 101 Dalmatians. It's called The 101 Dalmatians and is a live action/CGI hybrid. It's rated PG and directed by Krampus, starring Sam Neill. The only difference is the replacement of the cuddly Mickey Mouse with a pretty-but-sly female dog who, as you'd expect, is a lot more intelligent than the mouse who's been in every other Disney movie. Neill plays the eponymous owner of the Dalmatian puppies who are destined to become the world's most famous animated characters. Because, like every other Disney movie before it, it has a catchy, singable theme song." Dalmatinac is a Belgrade-based cartoon series that was popular in the former Yugoslavia and in Serbia and Montenegro. It was the first Yugoslav animation series. Based on 101 Dalmatians, the series followed the story of a girl who obtained an abused Dalmatian puppy. The girl names the puppy and his friends - Puss in Boots, Sniffles, and Dalmatian (playing). In the end, Dalmatian (with the help of the other dogs) helps the girl and her father find the other dogs that were stolen by a hooligan. This is the first ever Serbian dubbing version of 101 Dalmatians. The series was named the best Serbian cartoon series of all times in a poll of former Yugoslav animators and fans. Dubbing: References External links Category:2016 films Category:2016 television films Category:2010s comedy films Category:2010s fantasy films Category:American fantasy films Category:American films Category:American film remakes Category:American television films Category:Animated comedy films Category:Animated films about dogs Category:Animated films about foxes Category:Animated films about wolves Category:Animated television series about dogs Category:Disney direct-to-video animated films Category:Disney television films Category:Direct-to-video sequel films Category:Films about families Category:Films about missing people Category:Films about size change Category:Films about shapeshifting Category:Films featuring anthrop