Online Personal Colour Analysis

Online Personal Colour Analysis


Online Personal Colour Analysis.

An online Personal Colour Analysis provides you with the exact shades and tones of every colour which will compliment and flatter your individual features. The colours I recommend for you will make your skin glow, your eyes sparkle and dark shadows diminish. You will receive a complimentary online colour chart and information via email regarding prints and patterns to suit your skin tone. 

Hair Colour
Eye Colour
Skin Colour
Do you burn in the sun?
  • Photographs Required

    Once you have paid for your service you will then need to forward over some photographs for analysis.

    • 1 Photo of your face with no make up facing into natural lighting (looking out towards a window). Or outside in daylight.
    • 1 Photo of your eyes slightly closer so I can see their colour
    • 1 Photo of the veins on the inside of your wrist. If you don’t have visible veins on your wrist, find a place you have visible veins; leg, chest etc). Please ensure that the photos are as clear as possible. 
    • They can be sent via FB messenger or email to