Your Self Care Style Strategy

How many times have weeks gone by wear you get to the end of the week and realise you haven't prioritised yourself, you forgot to do you nails, eyebrows or fake tan and have a pile of stuff still left gathering dust that you need to eBay?

Need to plan some outfits, practise mindfulness, reply to some messages and get your ducks in a row?

You're not the only one believe me and it's really not achievable to do everything EVERY day or expect things to get done without being intentional about it.

So I decided it was time to give you all some structure.

A visual to print off and keep stuck on the fridge that break all of our self care activities into easy to manage chunks and provides you with set days to focus on each area.

So here we go, your Self Care Style Strategy Weekly

Download Yours Here

Download PDF • 386KB

Try and get used to having a set day of the week to do your self care practises, not only will it feel good and get things ticked off your to-do list, but you'll feel more organised AND IN CONTROL.

Hope you have enjoyed this ladies.

All the love in the world and more,

Joy x