Winter Boots - Where To Start?

Winter boots can be such a tricky item to nail and ironically, one you really MUST get right during the Autumn / Winter months.

So what to consider?

1. Toe shape

2. Heel height

3. Upper material - leather, plastic, suede or other

4. Opening and Fastening

5. Colour

1. Toe Shape

Thick thighs, big bottom, thick waist, broad shoulders, curvy hips - you want to be going for:-

- Round Toes

- Square Toes

- Almond Shaped

Pointy ankle boots will make your thighs and hips look bigger than they are.

They will also make you appear unstable and top heavy (especially if worn with skinny jeans).

Try styles like these.

Chunky, blockier heels also have a super simming effect on your hip and thighs.

2. Heel Height

Make sure the height of your boots allow you to carry out exactly what activities you are buying them for. If you intend on doing lots of walking and you are not good in heels go for a slightly lower heel or a fat Chelsea boot. If they are simply for a car to bar outfit maybe you could stretch a little higher.

3. Upper material - leather, plastic, suede or other

Where are you going to be wearing these boots? Will you be wearing them much outdoor?

Will suede ruin in bad weather?

Do you intend on investing over £100 in these boots?

If so you want to get a low cost per wear from these boots so I would highly suggest real leather.

4. Opening and Fastening

This is KEY to making your legs look slimmer.

You need to be able to move 2 fingers at least around the inside of the opening. If you can't your legs will feel like tree trunks (most common way my clients refer to their legs in tight boots).

If you have very slim ankles, you may want to try a tighter boot like a sok boot or even a calf boot to add extra width.

Zip or elastic?

A spacious zip fastening is THE most flattering opening. it makes your calves appear slim in comparison to the opening.

If you are petite, avoid calf or knee boots and try and match your tights to the colour of your boots so your legs appear longer.

The lower down your ankle the boots come, the longer ANYONES legs will look.

5. Colour

How do you know what colour boot to invest in?

The most common choices are black or tan.

Tan boots look great with more autumnal colours. Warmer shades, dark denim, khaki chinos or white jeans. They are really versatile and Winter / Summer colour palettes may struggle to integrate this colour boot into their wardrobes.

Black boots look great with black jeans, dark blue jeans, white jeans. Black tights and floral / printed dresses / skirts

If you love a good pointy boot or stiletto, wear them with an A-line dress or skirt and tights. This will prevent you looking top heavy.

I hope this helps in your quest for the perfect boot for Autumn / Winter.

Love, Joy xx