Why knowing your body shape will make feel instantly slimmer

We all have a natural body shape and proportions.

For those who don't know, proportions are whether your are long / short-legged and long / short bodied.

Our horizontal body shape is a shape which, no matter how much weight we lose or gain we will still have just on a smaller scale, wearing a smaller dress size.

Do you know your body shape yet?

Which ever body shape you have, it is in your genes to be that shape.

It may reduce or increase in centimetres or inches but will do so proportionally all over and your natural shape will still remain the same. You may even feel you're more 'apple shaped' since having your baby or reaching middle age. But your waist would have to have increased by approximately 10 inches to have changed your shape.

I encourage women to let me teach them how to dress their shape and help them accept the shape they are today and make the best of what they have.

Some of us are pear-shaped, others rectangular.

Some are top or bottom heavy and others more balanced.

I am a 5ft 6" Rectangle with a very short body, a D bust and very high, square hips.

I implement lots of techniques to make my body appear longer and my bust equal to my hips. It does take thought but once you know your magic formula, you can just 'rinse and repeat' daily as I say.

I firmly believe that in order to make the absolute best of what we have we must learn how to dress our individual and totally unique bodies.

By booking your FREE Body Shape Analysis Online you will find out for sure which body shape you are and be able to start dressing for it. From this point I can advise you on how to dress in ways to slim and flatter your figure to give the illusion of balance.

Once you know your body shape, click on the body shape blog for your body shape and download the clothing guide. If you want the full sha'bang I would recommend the Body Shape Style Bible which has an absolute breakdown of EVERYTHING ranging from tops, jackets, trousers right through to footwear and accessories.

Buy yours here .

Whether you're tall, petite or plus size I can help you achieve the look you want to.

I can help you to disguise any problem areas and really give you the tools to find and maintain new confidence moving forward.

You will be asked to input your bust, waist and hip measurements at the check out and once your analysis is complete you will receive an online Body Shape Clothing Guide to help you make the most of your Body Shape and flatter it in new ways.

Here are the 5 most important reasons you MUST know and dress for your body shape.

1. You will save money because you'll never again buy clothing which ends up stuck in your wardrobe with the tags on. You'll buy clothing which you cant actually wait to wear.

2. You will save time in a morning because rather than having to try 5 different outfits that don't work, you will only own clothes THAT SUIT YOU.

3. You will save stress because each time you go shopping or try and plan an outfit, you have things in your wardrobe or have the knowledge to buy something which will flatter your body shape.

4. You will definitely start to receive compliments, you will even start to like your own reflection and see your body in a different way.

5. You will understand your body's silhouette and how to dress in order to create balance.

Please make a commitment to yourself today, that you won't wait any longer to discover your body shape, because once you know your body shape you will start to make steps towards loving and accepting it.

The time will pass anyway and the longer you wait and further away you dangle the carrot (i.e 'when I've lost 2 stone, I'll be happy'), the longer you are telling yourself you don't deserve to be happy.

With my support I can help you start the journey towards becoming the real you!

With Love,

Joy x