Why skinny jeans could be your worst enemy

Updated: Oct 24, 2019

Skinny jeans, they have been around for over 10 years now and most of us own a pair, wouldn't you agree?

What many of you won't realise is that for the most part when we wear skinny jeans, we look like we are wearing jeggings. Worse still leggings.

Now, skinny jeans can be a great asset to some of us when worn UNDERNEATH items such as tunics or dresses if we feel self-conscious or don't want to wear tights BUT when worn with a simple waist or hip length top, they can be disastrous.

Here is why.

1. They automatically make your shoulders appear broader

2. They create the illusion that your bust is bigger because they make your silhouette come down to a narrow point

2. They will accentuate your hip and thigh width and, when worn with pointy shoes will make you appear much bigger than you truly are

Here is an example with Gemma Collins

- Straight leg, cropped trousers look so much better on her

- Wide leg trousers combined with a peplum style top also make her look so much slimmer

- A tip for this body type would be to wear a longer tunic over skinny jeans or to wear a top but add a longline jacket, blazer or cardigan over it to elongate your body and hide any mum-tum or camel toe

- Teaming skinny jeans with some chunky calf boots would work really well to balance her midriff and create a more hourglass figure

"But I love skinny jeans, what are the alternatives?"

Why not try;

- Straight leg jeans

- Mom jeans

- Boyfriend jeans

- Girlfriend jeans

- Bootcut jeans

- Wide leg jeans

Full descriptions are in your Style Bible. Try not to focus on what you feel is 'in fashion'.

Style is something which doesn't go out of fashion in my eyes and it feels so much better to be wearing a style of jeans which flatters you than squeezing into skinny jeans.

"But I've got loads of skinny jeans, how CAN I wear them?"

- Try wearing them with chunky ankle boots, calf or knee boots, especially if you are heavy across the waist, an apple or rectangle shape. This will make your stomach appear smaller as the boots create extra width across your calf and ankle.

For a full break down on the style of jeans that suit your body shape you can find it in the trousers chapter of your Body shape Style Bible.

If you haven't purchased one yet click here to buy yours today!

With Love,

Joy x