Which neutrals you need in your wardrobe and why

Updated: Oct 9, 2018


So what exactly ARE neutral colours?

In general these include black, white, grey and different shades of brown.

They can also be nude, beige and, these days denim and leopard & snake print (yes believe it or not).

Neutrals blend with and flatter particular colours from our seasonal colour palette depending upon which season you fall into.

Identify your best neutrals and build your clothing colours around them.

Neutrals are a great BAS

Colours add the focus

Access your colour palette online here.


Still not sure what your seasonal colour palette is?

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Neutrals don't create much of an impact or emotion but they can be a great way to make the real colour you DO wear, stand out.

A lot of people chose to pair a colour WITH a neutral and use the neutral as the 'base' for the outfit.

Here are some examples - An orange top & black skirt (remember black is ok on the bottom) - A red jumper & white jeans - A grey top & navy blue jeans - A brown jacket & a yellow top underneath - A teal top and grey or charcoal trousers - A mustard or canary yellow top with brown trousers - A brown top with a cream skirt

- A baby blue or lemon jumper with grey jeans The list of combinations you can make is endless. You just need to put together your neutrals and best colours to create a colour 'theme' for your wardrobe.

You could be a spring who loves corals, browns and khakis or a summer who loves blood reds, greys and blues.

The best neutrals for you will depend on what your seasonal colour palette is.

Summers and Winters look best in- - Silver rather than gold. This also applies for jewellery and accessories - White

- Grey

- Navy

- Snakeskin

- Grey leopard print

- Black and white polka dot as you have a cool undertone to your skin

Springs and Autumns look best in- - Gold rather than silver. Again this also applies for jewellery and accessories - Cream

- Chocolate brown

- Leopard print in warm colours such as browns and yellows

- Navy and cream polka dot as you have a warm undertone to your skin

Universal colours include- - Off-white (it looks best on warmer skin tones though) - Ivory (not cream which is more suited for springs and autumns) - Mid-grey - Stone - Taupe - Teal - Purple - Emerald

- Turquoise - Lavender

Top tips on buying neutrals > Invest the most money in neutral items you will wear over and over again. Tan coats, navy jumpers, navy denim jeans, white / off white shirts, ivory lace tops, grey leather jackets, cream / tan boots and wedges and so on. > Investing in good quality neutral items will mean you can mix and match coloured / printed / patterned tops on your top half and appear to be wearing completely different outfits. It will mean each season you can just add some fresh tops to your wardrobe and feel like you have a completely new selection to choose from. > Wearing a darker neutral will reduce the size of an area. Inverted triangles, hourglasses conscious of their bust and large-chested rectangles try navy, brown, teal, or dark grey on top.

Pears, bottom heavy hourglasses and heavy-thighed rectangles go for the dark neutral on the bottom.

I hope this has given you a better understanding of the difference between neutrals and colours. Make a list in your phone or in the back of your Style Bible in the notes section of which neutrals are your BEST and start building a collection of them in your wardrobe.

With Love,

Joy x