Wardrobe Basics & How Much To Spend

My Top 15 Wardrobe Basics you need as the foundations for your wardrobe.

Here is an overview of;

- Why you need them - How much to spend on each - What to team them with 

1) The Basic White T-shirt

I'd spend no more than around £15 as the colour can fade after a few washes and a small stain can mean you have to replace them every few months.

Their relaxed fit is perfect for skimming over your body no matter what your size is.

2) A Breton Top

A Breton top works really well under most coats and jackets. 

I spend around £15-£20 on one. Remember the more you wear it, the less your cost per wear and the more that item is actually WORKING FOR YOU!

A biker, a blazer, a coatigan and combined with jeans and trainers, cigarette trousers and heels or some smart joggers or chinos with pumps.

3) A White Shirt

A white shirt can be an absolute godsend to you wardrobe if you find one in the style that reflects your Style Personality. Decide between a relaxed fit, a figure hugging fitted number or an over sized style.

Here are a few ways you can wear yours.  * Open over a long vest with chinos * Half open over a slogan t-shirt and flared / bootcut jeans * Under a jumper with the shirt un-tucked *' Under a pinafore dress with tights and flat boots * Tucked in and bloused out with jeans, a nice belt and trainers Don't know how to do the tuck - untuck style strategy?

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4) A Smart Hoodie

Hoodies are NOT just for walking in the woods with your family.  A hoody can look great for a smart / casual feel.  I'd spend around £25 on one. Unless you want a designer brand. However, MAKE SURE that you love it and will result in an excellent cost per wear Go for something print free and a colour that will integrate into your other wardrobe items.  Also, don't write off men's hoodies. Find one that works and WEAR THE HELL OUT OF IT!

Wear your hoodie over your white t-shirt, over a slogan top, your Breton top, under a coatigan and with both jeans and chinos / cigarette pants.

5) A Classic Blazer

Now the blazer is something YOU REALLY NEED.  It can work for you in SO many ways.  Many women feel like a blazer is just TOO formal for them.  So, dress IT DOWN!

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If you're not sure whether you should be wearing double breasted, single breasted, wide or narrow lapels , long or short line.

Then I'd really recommend treating yourself to a Body Shape Style Bible. 

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Spend up to £100 on your perfect blazer but make sure you LOVE it!

6) A Biker Jacket

Spend up to £100 on your ideal biker jacket. But don't write off a PU style as they can be much lighter and more flexible than a real leather option.

A biker jacket is something which again can be worn so many ways; * Over your Breton top with chinos and pumps  * Over a maxi dress with block heeled boots * With perfect dark jeans, a slogan t-shirt and trainers 

Still not sure which style of jeans work for you? Check out your Body shape Style Bible and head to number 7!

7) A Good Quality Pair of Dark Jeans

A lot of women spend year after year searching for their ideal jeans.  Turns out most women are just out there shopping, stabbing in the dark.  Yes, you need to spend a full day trying on at least 6 pairs, yes you need to invest a minimum of £50 on a pair but save you time and stress you need to know EXACTLY which style would flatter your body shape the MOST.

Bootcut, flare, faded thigh, straight leg, cropped, skinny, high-waisted or mid-rise.

8) A Hero Scarf

A hero scarf give you an opportunity to inject some of your style personality into a basic outfit, add colour to your ensemble and really draw people's eyes up towards your face. this works really well if you're feeling self conscious of your tummy, hips bust or thighs. 

Don't spend more than around £30 on this item, my advice would be to start collecting scarves in colours and prints that reflect your personality.

Primark and H&M do some great options for less than £10

Remember to stick to prints that complement your cool or warm palette.

Warm - Leopard, navy polka, warm florals, corals / geometric prints

Cool - snake print, black and white polka dot, navy and white striped, cool florals and icey geometric prints

9) A Black or Tan Belt 

Belts are not JUST for keeping your trousers up! 

Belts can add something extra to an outfit and look great when you adopt the tuck-untuck style strategy.

You can match your belt to your boots, or add some matching earrings to create a colour theme throughout your outfit.

Spend up to £50 if you want real leather and ensure the buckle colour ties into your seasonal colour palette.

Don't know yours?

Get your Seasonal Colour Analysis done online.  https://www.thestyleguide.org.uk/personal-colour-analysis

10) A Clutch Bag In Gold and Silver

A clutch bag is the perfect style for taking from day to night especially if you can find one with a detachable strap!

Springs and Autumn Palettes go for Gold 

Summers and Winters go for Silver.

That way your bag will integrate so well into your perfect colour palette.

Advised spending up to £50

11) A Pair Of Comfy Flats - Brogues, Loafers or Pumps

Number 1 - decide on a style that suit your style personality.  Brogues can look great with relaxed fit jeans AND a tights and dress / skirt combo! Lace up, slip on, tassels or platform. There are so many options and don't forget to have a good scroll through Pinterest for ways to wear yours in advance of buying them!

Spend up to £100 and spend a whole day trying various fits to ensure your comfy flats ARE actually comfy!

12) A Cross Body Bag

Why is a cross body bag AMAZING for shopping?

* It means you can shop hands free * You can flick through the rails and carry your items easily without a huge tote bag on your arm.

If you have heavy thighs, be careful on the strap length and where your bag sits as it can add extra width to your sides. 

13) A Smart Pair Of White Trainers

Trainers are NOT JUST for training! 

These days trainers are a huge staple to a stylish wardrobe. 

Adidas, Converse, Vans or Nike. The list is endless. Find a style and brand that feels like you. Try on various models. Take them home and try them with your jeans (see number 7).

Give your jeans a turn up and see how they feel.

Spend up to £100 on these as you will be wearing them A LOT!

Don't just assume they are for a casual look either. 

Smart trainers can look fab with a suit, chinos, leather trousers and with cigarette / peg trousers too!

Try to avoid trainers with skinny jeans if you carry weight across your middle or have broad shoulders. It will make you look much bigger than you are.

14) A Pair of Nude Heels 

Nude heels are an absolute must for anyone who want to have longer slimmer looking legs. 

I'd suggest spending around £50-100 on a pair and for the ideal shape, heel and style, read my blog in The VIP section of the Style HUB for the complete guide. >>>>> https://www.thestyleguide.org.uk/blog/10-shoe-tips-and-why-the-right-shoe-can-make-you-drop-a-dress-size

15) A Flat Pair Of Good Quality Chelsea / Flat Boots 

And finally, yes, a pair of flat-ish boots.

Something you could wear with straight leg jeans or a tights and dress combination.   Make sure the ankle opening has space to fit at least 2 fingers around otherwise your ankles will look thicker than they are. 

Pick some that feel like you. If you love a feminine look, pick something that will work well with skirts and pretty blouses. If you like a more classic heritage look, go for the classic brown Chelsea to wear with checked shirts and chunky knits or denim dresses and tights.

Again however it is essential the colour you select works for your colour palette because although these boots are going on your feet, the colour must work well with either your warm or cool colour palette ad the clothes you have within in. 

-Summers and Winters opt for Grey, Black or Navy -Springs and Autumns Brown, Black or Navy

I really hope this has helped to explain exactly why my top 15 wardrobe basics are ESSENTAL to every wardrobe. 

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For book purchases, head straight to  https://www.thestyleguide.org.uk/the-books

Lots of Love, 

Joy x

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