Vodka & Cranberry

Updated: Oct 4, 2018

The secret cocktail for combining items.

So what the hell is this all about?

Well, it's an analogy.

One I use ALL the time to describe to women how to combine clothing and create outfits.

Every outfits will be made up of vodka items and cranberry items.

Now some of us are a little more vodka and some of us are more cranberry.

This is linked to our style personality.

Vodka items include -

  • Prints - polka dot, leopard, floral, stripes and checks / tartan

  • Bold colours - bright, eye catching items

  • 'Wow factor' fabric and textures - metallic / leather / corduroy / fur etc

Cranberry items include -

  • Plain coloured items with no print

  • Neutral items

  • Denim

  • Soft simple fabrics such as cotton, linen, polyester

So the theory is that every outfit should be made up of vodka and cranberry and that we should all have a piece of vodka in our outfit. Or some like to say a hero piece. Something which stands out, gets ya drunk, gives you the wow factor and draws attention. It doesn't have to be huge but just a lil' something if you're not too confident yet.

If you feel confident already, you might go for a larger proportion. However try to apply the advice from the other blogs regarding where to place the print and pattern.

If we dress head to toe in vodka items we will more than likely be overwhelming and appear very mismatched. Conversely if you wear 100% cranberry then your outfit will appear bland, lifeless and un-interesting.

Here are some examples of vodka and cranberry outfits.

Examples below are;

- Floral top, plain trousers

- Striped trousers and a plain white top

- Printed vest and black wide leg trousers

- Checked jacket and plain denim jeans

I hope this has given you a simple strategy you can use when putting outfits together for yourself.

As you get dressed each day, ask yourself 'which part of my outfit is vodka'?.

If it's ALL a bit vodka then maybe consider switching something for a more cranberry item.

However, as I always say, if you LOVE full on print overload and that it's reflective of your personal style and it feels great. go for it!

Love, Joy x