Trends For Spring / Summer 2020

Trends For Summer 2020

As you may know I am not a huge follower of what is in 'fashion' necessarily. I'm much more about having a wardrobe of 'styles' that work for you.

I carefully select what suits MY body shape from what IS IN FASHION each season and always assess the cost per wear I anticipate gettong from thr clothes I buy.

Make sense?

I won't access every trend add there will be some trends I will street well clear of.

So I thought I would share what will be flooding the highstreet soon and how each body type should wear them.

Here We Go!

Pantone of the summer - Classic Blue

So ladies, the colour of the year is CLASSIC BLUE. this means you are going to be seeing an awful lot of blue on the high street.

This is why it is really important to know your best blue.

Check your online colour palette to identify it.


Disco Collars

If you want to try the disco collar here are my tips

- Biggers busted ladies, inverted triangles and apple shapes wear them open.

- Pears, hourglasses heavier on the bottom or rectangles with bigger thighs, wear them buttoned up.


Crochet will be coming in all different forms during the spring summer months.

I'd say crochet is most suited to holidays or worn as a kimono type cover up / cardigan.

Make sure you go for lighter coloured crocheted items on your smallest proportion and if you want to wear it on your biggest proportion go for a dark crochet or black.

Highlighter Colours / Neon

Neon is going no where this year. So anyone who sent money on Neon last year can smugly get it out again this year, yay!

If you're not sure which colour to go for I've put together a guide below.

Remember to wear the neon on your smallest proportion.

Summers / Winters - ( with fair, cool and pale skin) - Dark neon purple or hot pink

Springs and Mid to lights haired Autumns - (mid-toned skin) - Bright coral, orange and yellow

Olive Skinned Autumns - Electric red / orange, lavender and turquoise

Dark Skinned Autumn / Winters Fuchsia, purple and neon blue

Bermuda Short Suits


This is quite an extreme trend, however you will see more of the knee length shorts filtering through the high street come the summer.

Remember if you DO go for this trend, avoid Bermuda shorts that are too tight to the leg, ensure you can fit a couple of fingers inside the hem.

You'll probably see a lot more knee length culottes in the shops in the next few months.

Don't forget as well, if bright suits hit the high street then you can always buy them as separates and bag yourself a gorgeous new suit jacket in your best colour.

White Dresses

This trend is referred to as 'blank slate' by Vogue.

White dresses are going to be everywhere.

All you need to do is-

1) Suss if white is for you - Are you are Summer or Winter? If you're not, go for ivory or an off white.

2) Identify what style will work for you - that way you can keep your eye out for them?

A shirt dress, a wrap dress? A shift dress, a midi or a maxi dress. A skater dress a swing dress or an empire hem.

Check out your clothing guide or style bible.

Women In Waistcoats

This can be quite an androgynous trend. However there are sure to be some feminine variations available in shops such as Next, Miss Selfridge and Oasis.

In my opinion you should really fasten them if you are lacking in the waist department or have a protruding tummy. They bulge and look uncomfortable and I personally leave them for the catwalk models.

Instead, wear one open almost like a long gilet.

Possibly over something like a shirt or t-shirt.

I can imagine Zara will be selling plenty of longer length waistcoats ala Trinny Woodall.

Cut Out Clothing

Cut out clothing will NOT be for everyone.

Again it may be a case of picking a piece that has a cut out on a body area you feel comfortable with, or maybe skip this trend all together.

It will more than likely be reflected in the Summer seasons swimwear.

Trench Coats

So here we have another trend from last year. WOW. The trench coat is back. This is why I always advice a nice Mac or Trench Coat as one of your wardrobe basic as it has a habit of coming back round again year after year.

Remember > > >

Double Breasted - Ideal for Pears and the smaller busted

Big Collars - Ideal For Pears and the smaller busted

Waist Ties - Great for creating a waist for Rectangles and hourglasses, but be sure to tie them to the side and not too tights.

Longer lengths - Great for shorter bodies and those with bigger hips and thighs.

If you are bottom heavy got for a style that is more of a skater / flare than a straight cut.

If you are a plus size or conscious of your size, ensure you go for a thinner style as opposed to a bulky type.

Avoid too much detailing and pockets on areas you don't want to attract attention to.

Blue Denim

We are going to be seeing so much more blue denim this year.

This is why it's essential you know your best jean type.

Review your clothing guide / style bible to identify your best style

Denim on denim is going to be big too.

Remember - it's either 2 denims the exact same, or 2 completely different.

Don't try and match denim that is slightly off.

Tropical Nights (prints)

Tropical prints, how gorgeous are THESE?

I honestly cant wait for this trend as it just seems the perfect trend for Spring / Summer.

Pears, bigger on the bottom - Wear tropical print on top

Apples - Try a tropical printed blazer or jacket

Rectangles - go for a tropical top and a denim jacket

Top Heavies and Inverted Triangles - try some tropical print trousers, hareem pants or a funky skirt

If it feels too scary, just got for accessories, a belt, hat or a scarf.

What Lie Beneath – Slip Dresses

Slip Dresses, yep, you guessed it. Another trend from last year.

Now I didn't buy one of these last year as a find the shoe lace straps too delicate for my style personality.

However if you like the look of them it's worth trying some one. I have seen a number of people on Pinterest and Instagram wearing them over shirts or long sleeved dresses.

I'd say these suit slimmer rectangles (but are obviously not exclusive to) on the whole as they are straight cut and don't have much movement or flow


Other wise known as 'get shirty' by Vogue

Shirts are one of my favourite things and I think are just so versatile across all 5 style personalities. You can make them dramatic, romantic, creative or edgy and they will be available in colours a plenty.

Linen Shirts, cotton shirts, printed shirts and so on. there is simply no limit.

Bottom Heavies / Pears - remember to wear the bright / light coloured / printed shirts

Top Heavies, Inverted Triangles - go for simple dense shirts and patter and print on the bottom.

If you find shirts restrictive as someone with a wider midriff, go for shirts with some stretch, or ones with a slight peplum or flare to them/

Craft Fair - Rustic Rafia

Last year we saw a lot of 'straw bags' during the summer and this year will be no different.

It seems this time we have hats, tops and dresses in the craft selection.

I can't imagine wearing raffia is very comfortable so I'm out on this one.


This trend is going to encompass a wide range of items. Suits, easy to wear midi dresses and eyewear.

70s is going to be reflected in the textures, fabrics and styles the high street will offer.

The great thing is, the high waisted flare is spot on the 70s trend and they are SO flattering for ALL body type wahooo!

Pussy bows - great for the bottom heavy

Wide leg culottes - great for top heavies

Double Breasted blazers - great for Pears

And there we have it ladies, the top trends of 2020.

Be sure to make a list of the trends you REALLY like and what you'd like to try.

Hell stick them on the list for our next Personal Shop and let's make it happen!

Joy x