Top 5 things to remove from your wardrobe NOW

Updated: Jan 31

As well as knowing what we SHOULD have in our wardrobes we also need to know what we SHOULDN'T.

Here are my key items to eradicate from your precious clothing space.

1) Any clothing that doesn't fit you.

Promising yourself you'll 'slim' into it is a recipe for low self worth.

If you INSIST it's only a smidge too tight and you ARE losing weight, put it in a bottom draw out of sight.

Clothing which is too tight only serves to remind us we have gained weight.

2) ANY clothing that reminds you of your;

- Younger

- Slimmer

- More confident self

Especially if you now feel old, overweight and not particularly confident.

Again this will send you down memory lane and prevent you from ACTUALLY seeing how far you have come on your current journey.

Those skimpy 'pulling' outfits DO NOT SERVE YOU ANYMORE.

The jeans you slimmed into for your hen do when you'd lost 3 stone for your wedding will not make you feel sexy or special.

Charity shop them, bin them or give them to friends. If you can be bothered or have the time, eBay them, but do not look at them each day.

3) Clothing you spent a lot of money on and haven't worn or don't wear anymore.

Eradicate clothing which still has tags on.

Keeping it will not increase the cost per wear. It's taking up space and it may have cost £300 but make space for new, more 'wearable' items.

Old leather coats or boots which are not classic nor on trend and are NOT your style anymore need to go along with your old fashioned office suit which you no longer wear.

Sell it, eBay, depop, shpock or a car boot. You decide. But banish it from your wardrobe.

4) Heels you own that you cannot walk in.

So many of my clients have a whole row of shoes which they 'like' but they can't walk in.

Sorry, pointless. Yes, they may look pretty but they aren't practical for your lifestyle most of the time. Get rid. Many women buy heels thinking they will appear slimmer, but all you need is a 3/4 inch heel to elongate you legs.

Killer spikes, Louboutins and stilettos can actually make you look top heavy if you carry weight across your middle so refer to your Body Shape Style Bible or the footwear blogs from the blog list to identify the best footwear for your shape (10 footwear tips to help you drop a dress size).

5) Finally, stained, bobbly or holey clothing.

If it is any of the above, de-stain it immediately, de-bobble or send to your mother's to be repaired (well that's what I do anyway, lol).

Don't have clothing in your wardrobe you cannot reach straight in for and wear.

So many of my lovely clients reach in whilst doing a wardrobe edit and utter the classic words; 'oh I love that but it's got a hole in it'. In that case, repair or if it's beyond repair, try and buy another identical or very similar item.

I really hope this list gives you some great tools to rid your wardrobe of those thankless items. Items which don't serve you well and creates some space for more worthy items.

If you would LOVE some help with de-cluttering, organising and refreshing your wardrobe, click here to book your Wardrobe Edit.

With Love,

Joy x