The Three Colour Commandment.

The Three Colour Commandment.

As you may know by now, I like to make getting dressed as easy as possible, stress free and become something you find enjoyable.

There are so many simple Style Secrets that will help you put together your own outfits and The Three Colour Commandment is a key tip and super simple.

Some call it 'Triad Colour Fashion'.

The three colour commandment means - keeping your outfit to a maximum of 3 colours.

To begin with, if you feel confused about what colours compliment each other, head to the 'Colour' Style Secret here


Because it is easier on the eye, it doesn't overwhelm . It's more visually pleasing than a mismatch of multiple colours and tones.

You can mix and match all of your items of course - but they'll work best if you stick to 3.

Image 1 & 2 Pinterest

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Images 4, 5 & 6 Pinterest.

Key things to remember

Place the darkest colour on the place you feel most self conscious of.

No not black, but maybe a navy, khaki, berry, teal, brown, charcoal etc.

Bigger bust - add your darkest colour on the top

Bigger bum hips and thighs - add your darkest colour to the bottom

Bigger tummy? Add your darker colour on top and try to create that column of colour illusion.

But what about Black and White?

Black and white are technically not colours, so feel free to add a white trainer or a black boot in as a 4th colour.


We refer to this as a monochromatic look (not just black and white as a lot of people believe it to be).

One colour (mono), different shades of.

So to you these may seem like different colours, but they are all shades of the same colour so this can also work really well.

If 3 separate colour scare the living hell out of you, begin with 3 shades of the same colour. The best version of the colour being worn on your top under your face.

So for example, a spring may wear a cornflower blue on top, teamed with a navy trouser and a cobalt blue handbag.

Make sense? Hope so.

See here with the image below?

Burgundy under the face and baby pink on the bottom.

Both are the primary colour red, just with more black add (burgundy) and more white added (baby pink)

Does print count?

Most prints only have around 3 colours.

Leopard, floral, polka dot, snake, Breton, Aztec, geometric.

Even a slogan t-shirt tends to stick within the 3 colour realms; base colour and 2 colours max for the text.

So for example, if you were wearing a floral top with green, pink and blue, you may want to marry up the blue in the print with some blue jeans. Visually those colours will connect.

OR - add some pink earrings - so the pink in the prints links visually to the earrings.

It really does create a flow through an outfit and you'll be surprised how well it works once you start trying it.

See how the images below all link together. The black boot connecting with the black in the print, the navy skirt 'talking' to the navy stripe in the jumper?

Image 1 & 3 Simply Be

Image 2 Zara

Images Marks and Spencer (A/W 2020)

Topping and Tailing

Yes, you can use a colour twice. Some people like to 'top and tail' (you could go for navy shoes and navy jacket, and then use the other colours as your top and trousers) Or a white top and white trainers or do a 'matchy-matchy' with their shoes and hand bag.

Or maybe you want to match you handbag with a colour from within the print you wear (see image below).

All of these techniques are fine, whether you like them, will all come down to your style personality. More creative / trendy's might not like the uniform nature of a top and tail, whereas a classic, natural will more than likely LOVE how the outfit appears in perfect order.


As mentioned earlier, you may want to match your shoes and handbag, OR you may want to have 2 of your colours to your outfit and add the 3rd colour as a handbag.

With accessories; silver and gold. They should blend well with the colours you're wearing.

So as a summer or a winter, silver will blend well will your items and as an Autumn or Spring gold will work best.

As another tip however, silver works GREAT against pinks and blues and gold against yellows and browns.

Silver with polka dot and snake and gold against leopard and warm florals.

If you have ANY questions about the 3 Colour Commandment - please shout up in The FB community and remember, this is not HARD and fast 'rule'.

If 3 colours + are part of your look / vibe then PLEASE go ahead and rock it!


Joy x