The Simple Slimming Bobble Trick

A simple way to make slouchy jackets and blazers feel smarter, draw attention to your waist and flatter your arms.

So first of all you might think HOW the hell can using a bobble slim my whole body?

Well, 3/4 length sleeves are THE most flattering sleeve lengths for 2 reasons.

1) The mid forearm is the slimmest part of the arm excluding the wrist

2) The mid forearms also tends to align with your waist which then draws more attention to that part of your body.

Sleeves that pass the end of your wrist make your arms look shorter, not longer.

Showing that bit more of your arms is a definitely way to look more put together.

I've worked with SO many women who try blazers, shirts and jumpers on and automatically decide against the item because their 'arms are too short' and the sleeves drown them.

Firstly, don't blame your arms, blame the clothing.

It's not your fault in any way.

The jacket's designer obviously made that particular item for someone with Mr Tickle Arms and that isn't you.

However if you love the overall fit then my Simple Bobble Trick can make any item work.

Yes - you 'could' fold un the sleeves, but sometimes it just looks too bulky and personally I LOVE the ruched effect much more.

Years ago men used to use stretchy wire clips - but again I find them bulky and they nip my arm hair.

So what do I do?

It is REALLY this simple

- Take a slim super stretchy hair bobble / band / tie - I buy mine as a multi pack from Primark for 99p

- Pop it over your hand and the jacket sleeve to mid forearm

- Then slide / ruche the sleeve and hair bobble up to the elbow (ish). Where it feels comfortable.

- Fold some of the upper excess over the bobble or hide it in between the ruching

You may decide from now that you only buy ruched 3/4 sleeve blazers, but this is such a good way to wear existing jackets and blazers if the sleeves feel like they drown you.

Or, to make a jacket work that maybe you have fallen in love with in store but just feel is too long in the sleeve or looks too oversized.

It also means that even if you may not suit an oversized blazer because you want to emphasise your waist, you can get away with one by ruching the sleeves up and giving it a much more tailored look. Just remember to crate a waist with what you wear beneath the jacket.

Can you do this with shirts and jumpers?

Yes - absolutely.

Most jumpers will stay up by themselves, but as for shirts, simply undo the button, ruche up and add the bobble.

Watch How I Do It Here

So ladies, I hope this has given you an insight into how to make some of your existing jackets work, how to make new jackets LOOK EVEN BETTER and I challenge you to go and try it out right now.

Love, Joy x