The Saturday & Sunday Swap Shop

Updated: Sep 12, 2019

As a VIP have you taken advantage of your FREE selling platform?

The ideal way to sell your clothing & say no to sellers fees

The Saturday & Sunday Swap Shop is a way for Style HUB members to purchase gorgeous new items online over the weekend without it costing the world.

It's also a great way of seeing your clothing go to a new home and a way of funding new purchases in your best styles and colours!

As with all selling platforms Terms and Conditions are required.

Here are ours : -

Items must be clean, laundered and in good condition. No holes, bobbling or faults.

The first person to comment on the post saying 'me please' is entitled to purchase the item / ask for further details.

No private messaging allowed to outbid each other.

Items are sold as seen.

You must provide;

A brief description​ of the item, colour style etc

A clear picture of the item

The brand of the item or the store it was purchased from, i.e Marks and Spencer or Adidas

A total price including

postage. Thin t-shirts / tops can probably get away with 'large letter' - 76p 2nd class and most other garments if small a 'small parcel - £2.90'.

A full Royal Mail guide can be found here >>

An estimation of when the item will be posted.​

Ladies who have items to SWAP - may agree to just charge postage and not charge a fee for the item. This must be agreed mutually between yourselves.

Addresses to be sent via message privately.


Green Marks and Spencer, V neck t-shirt, size 14.

Worn a couple of times. Too small. Great condition.

(£5) < includes delivery

To be posted 20.02.2018

Note : - Please be nice to each other, if you don't like something someone is selling please scroll past the item. I will not be responsible for any disputes regarding items. We are all classy, respectable ladies in the HUB.

Dependant upon the items value please agree whether it is to be recorded delivery between yourselves.

Happy Shwapping!