The power of tucking in!

Updated: Sep 12, 2019

'Tucking in' for most women is a new thing.

Especially if you have recently had children, have ended up with a mum-tum or are carrying a lot of weight across your mid section. Even the thought of it will fill you with dread.

When I say 'tucking in', I don't mean full on Simon Cowell, trousers up under ya' boobs style tucking in, but more of as tucking in, then pulling out and slightly then un-tucking your top.

If you check out the pictures below you can see the different ways in which you can tuck in.

What will 'Tucking In' do for me?

- It will make your legs look longer; when you top is un-tucked hanging down past your groin, it shaves inches off your legs. Fran Bacon (picture with the red trousers) is only 5ft 4 and yet with her top tucked in, her legs look positively lengthy

- It stops you looking top heavy and boxy. Wearing oversized boxy and baggy tops will make you appear bigger than you are. Simply tucking a small amount of the tops hem will make you appear slimmer and as if the item 'fits' you better (far right picture)

- It will give you more shape and extra definition.

If you are a rectangle, tucking your top in will break up your body and help to create a waist

The only body shape which may struggle with tucking in is an apple.

It would be a better idea for you to wear a wrap style top or one with an empire line. Or tuck in your top by just an inch and wear a waterfall cardigan over the top.

Here is an example of how to tuck in >

I really hope this has given you the confidence to start tucking some of your tops in in order to elongate your legs, slim your body and boost your confidence.

With Love,

Joy x