Summer Staples - What You Need To Multiply Your Summer Wardrobe Outfit Numbers!

As well as your overall key wardrobe basics I think it is crucial that when you reach the end of Spring and head into the permanently warmer weather you assess your 'summer staples'

By ensuring you have most or all of the items from the list below it will allow you to easily create and multiply outfits based on what you have and easily expand your choices when buying something new.

Remember, you will need to ensure the staple is in the right style for your shape but these in theory are the 'items' I'd recommend getting to equip you to multiply your outfits tenfold at least.

1 - A loose, smock / belted wrap dress you could wear to go for coffee / food shop / stroll on the beach.

You could always belt it if you are wanting more of a waist. Or, leave it 'smocky' if you are feeling bloated.

Mix and match it with new sunglasses, headbands, belts and accessories. Printed or simple, it doesn't really matter. Just ensure if you do opt for print it is in the right size for your overall size.

Check out the print and pattern blog here.

(Image from Dalmatian Print Ruffle Hem Smock Dress | SHEIN UK)

2 - A denim jacket - of course

If you are long bodied or have a large tummy, opt for a longer one with a more fitted look.

Warehouse, Next, Fat Face, Marks and Spencer and New Look always have nice options each year.

Even during warmer weather a denim jacket is ideal for taking to the park with the kids, for picnics, tying around the waist (if you are self concious of your bum), or taking to the beach if it's a blustery day.

Feel free to get once that expresses your Style Personality. Maybe one with pearls if you are a Romanitic, studs if you are Creative or Edgy or diamantes if you are Dramatic.

Avoid the oversized look if you are an apple or have a bigger tummy.

(Image of Fran Bacon for Marks and Spencer)

3 - A simple white / ecru camisole.

This is to go with shorts, skirts, culottes and jeans

V-neck for the bigger bust or a higher neck line for those with a smaller bust.

If you want something in a darker colour, switch this for a navy or grey.

(Image from Monsoon)

4 - A Breton t-shirt or a navy v-neck/scoop neck t-shirt if you are big busted / broad shouldered).

It doesn't always have to be blue, it could be red, yellow or pink too.

This works really well with printed shorts, skirts or culottes, jean, dungerees and to wear for travelling.

5 - A denim dress / shirt dress

I love a floaty shirt dress with trainers.

Or a structured denim dress witha chunky heel.

How lucky are we that dresses and trainers are socially acceptable these days?!

Check your body shape clothing guide or Style Bible to ensure you are selecting the right style of dress for your body shape.

6 - Some denim shorts - turn up / ripped / floaty cotton denim.

The hem you decide for your denim short will again depend on your style personality.

Most classics / naturals like a simple turn up hem, creative and edgys like frayed and ripped and romantics tend to sway towards a floatier cotton style (maybe a paperbag waist).

Ensure you can fit 2 fingers around the edge of the hem. This stops the shorts looking tight and therefore making your thigh appear bigger than it is - make some from old jeans if you can and that way you can rip / cut them to the legnth you prefer.

Next 'boyfriend' shorts are quite popular, I always ensure they are at least 3 inches down from my crotch. Definitely avoid the knee length clingy denim cycling short style.

7 - A maxi skirt.

Printed (vodka) if you are big busted - plain (cranberry) if you are pear-shaped or bottom heavy.

This is where you need to focus on your perfect Vodka and Cranberry combo. If you are pear, opt for print on top and a simple dark maxi skirt. If you are an apple or an inverted triangle then opt for a darker coloured top and a printed maxi.

If you have a biger tummy, opt fr a maxi with a thicker waistband or possibly a ruched style across the front sitting slightly higher up.

8 - Some simple sliders / flat sandals - white ideally for winter / summer palettes or tan for springs / autumns.

The reason behind this is that tan will work best with most of the warmer seasoned basics and white works best with the cooler palettes.

This type of sandals works really well with whole range of beachwear including swimwear PLUS maxi dresses / skirts, shirts, jeans and playsuits.

They show plenty of foot and again, remember to make them tie in with your unique style personality.

Once you have these, by all means start adding to your summer footwear collection but by having the simple slider, you KNOW that whatever you buy you will have a basic peice of summer footwear to go with it.

9 - Culottes - or some sort of floaty cropped trousers to wear with printed / fussy tops.

Culottes with a pleated front work really well to conceal a tummy so navy are IDEAL.

If you are petite make sure that you find a specific petite style other wise they will hang at an awkward length.

Also, be mindful of the fabric you go for.

Don't opt for stiff inflexible fabric if you are quite curvier. Instead go for soft fluid fabrics that glide over your hips, bum and thighs and don't create shrp straight lines on your body

If you are bigger busted, maybe switch the vodka and cranberry around and go for floral or printed culottes and team them with plainer tops.

10 - Some block coloured shorts or a skirt to go with striped t-shirts OR some patterned shorts if you prefer a simple darker top (bigger busted).

These could be navy, berry, khaki, black, teal, cobalt, red or brown.

Having a comfortable pair of shorts means you can then add many different less expensive more trend / fashion focussed tops each summer.

Therefore the more simple and 'classic' the better so no one notices you have worn them more than once and your outfits appear different with a variety of tops.

So there we have it ladies. Your essential summer staples checklist.

It would definately be worth making a list of any you are missing and get searching for them online.

Once you have the full house as such, it means what every you by, you'll almost certainly have something in your wardrobe realdy to pair with it.


Lot of love,

Joy x