Style after C-section.

Style After C-section.

How To Disguise A Mum Tum

The pouch, the mum tum, the wobble, the sore scar and the discomfort.

These are all things that can come hand in hand with becoming a mum after a C-section, or sometimes they can occur from simply gaining weight.

But definitely DO NOT despair!

It’s not all doom and gloom because there are so many simple ways you can STILL look and feel stylish.

Here are my top tips.

1. Avoid low waisted trousers, jeans and skirts.

Instead opt for high-waisted.

Low waisted clothing will rub and chaff your stomach, emphasise lumps and bumps and keep slipping down constantly. No-one wants to see a builders bum, and the reality is it draws more attention to keep pulling your trousers up than to simply wear a high-waist item that is more comfortable to wear too. Also try and find jeans with a thicker, wider waist band so you don’t feel they cut into you when you are chasing around or playing with your new baby.

2. Scrap the skinny jeans or jeggings if you are really self-conscious of your tummy.

Instead go for a more straight leg or boot-cut style trouser or jean that will balance out your stomach and make it look smaller. If you are still wearing maternity leggings then wear something like a hanky-hem top over them.

3. Wear a central / inner ‘column of colour’.

This means matching the colour of your top and trousers in a dense darker colour (navy, plum, teal) and then wearing a lighter coloured long-line jacket or 'coatigan'. This instantly slims your stomach and mid-section.

4. Wear tops that skim OFF your tummy rather than cling and cup.

Ask yourself;

- Is it long enough? Does it sit PAST my stomach? If you have a pouch then make sure if you are 'tucking and blousing out' that your bloused out part comes to the bottom of your tummy. Try simply tucking in just an inch of the top to the left or right side at the front and letting the top fall diagonally. When a top cuts you off horizontally it creates width and draws extra attention.

- Is the fabric fluid enough? Or does it cling? Avoid ribbed fabric and overly tight elasticated items.

- Anything you own that cups your tummy or stretches over and under it should be donated to charity, sold or binned.

5. Opt for underwear made of natural fabrics such as cotton.

Especially in the early days go natural and ideally aim for your knickers to sit above or below your scar. Synthetic items may cause irritation around your scar and prevent healing.

6. Try out a belted shirt dress (with the belt tied loosely) or a wrap style dress.

Swing-style dresses are also really god over skinny jeans with chunky boots.

They work for every body-shape and can be worn all year round. Just because you have had a baby, it doesn’t mean you have to lose your style.

You just need to make style work FOR YOU.

7. Experiment with 'peplum' style tops.

These work incredibly well as they nip in under your bust and then fall gently on top of your tummy. Always ensure you have some well fitting jeans on that sit high on your waist and have a thick waist band.

8. And finally, remember, practise gratitude!

Your body grew a baby, be thankful, it gave you your beautiful child and there are lots of things you can do to try and make the best of your mum tum.

Check out this inspiring article to read about "Why post-birth bodies should be celebrated not shamed" .

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Love Joy x