Plus-sized advice to look slimmer in 7 days

Updated: Oct 10, 2018

Day 1.

Understand your horizontal body shape

Gather some key tips on the styles of clothing which will flatter your body shape from the body shape style blog for YOUR body.

Work through the check list or buy a Body Shape Style Bible in order to begin dressing FOR your body shape

Day 2.

Ensure proper fit with your clothing

It can be tempting to hide your body in layers and oversized clothes if you don’t feel confident, but they will only make you look bigger, I assure you and your body is probably smaller than you think.

Baggy clothes should be avoided like the plague!

Great fit makes sure nothing looks lumpy. Lumpy is frumpy!

Clothing that fits doesn't necessarily have to be skin tight either (as this will make you look bigger than you are), but opt for a tailored jacket or blazer which is in the CORRECT size. Squeezing into a size too small will also make you seem bigger.

A simple outfit like a tailored blazer, top and the right style of boot / heel and jean is always a classic combination for so many occasions and this can look amazing regardless of your size.

Images via Pinterest.

Day 3.

Wear the right sized bra

This is very important in order to avoid lumps and bumps and boob spillage.

It has to fit well in order to keep your bust UP and contained, and to eliminate unevenness in your silhouette that will only draw the eye towards this area.

In my opinion, there is nothing worse than seeing a woman who has boob spilling over or a bra riding up her back because it doesn’t fit properly.

Head to a bra fitter at a reputable underwear retailer such as Boux Avenue and find out whether you should be wearing a balconette, a plunge or a t-shirt bra.

It may also be worth investing in some shapewear to streamline your silhouette and project a smooth, shapely appearance.

Day 4.

Get body vs scale right

Scaling prints and accessories with your size makes sure you won’t look bigger than you are.


Avoid small and fussy prints if you are plus size – these are not your friend!

Match your print to your size. A larger body needs larger prints.

Strategically work with prints, shapes and details to make the eye go up and down.

Vertical details are great for plus size women to make you look taller and slimmer.

Balanced outfit proportions de-emphasise the size of a particular problem area so use the tips from the 'balance' blog to help assist you in balancing your body shape.

For more information on prints check out the 'getting prints right for your size' blog.


Accessories work in much the same way as prints. If you are bigger build / big boned some may say, then go for chunkier accessories. Large earrings, sturdy rings and statement necklace. Big pendants, large stones and thicker belts. If you contrast the size of your accessories with the overall size of your body you will appear bigger than you are.

Again for a more detailed explanation, head to the 'making accessories your best accessory' blog.

Day 5.

Create a 'column of colour'

There are two ways to wear a column of colour, on the outside or on the inside.

The version on the outside suits those who feel their hips, bottom or thighs are the area they want to draw least attention to (pear or hourglass shapes).

This will involve wearing a darker colour on your bottom half with a dark jacket, blazer or cardigan, and then a brighter colour underneath it.

The inner version is ideal for those who want to hide their tummy or reduce their bust size (rectangle, apple or possibly inverted triangle body shapes).

This will involve wearing a darker colour on your bottom half with a matching top, combined with a different coloured jacket, blazer or cardigan.

For more examples of how to wear a Column of Colour, check out the 'column of colour' blog.

Day 6.

Buy from and explore specialist plus size retailers

Their cuts and fabrics are designed with the a larger woman in mind.

Here is a great list to start you off.

High Street Highlights

-Evans - Up to Size 32

-Dorothy Perkins – Up to Size 28

-River Island – Up to Size 28

-New Look Up to Size 22 - ‘Inspire’ Range

-Marks & Spencer - Up to 32

Online Specialists



-JD Williams

-Pink Clove

-Simply Be

-Yours Clothing


Online with Plus Size Ranges

-Asos – Search ‘Curve’


-La Redoute up to size 30

-Forever 21 up to a 43” waist


-Next up to size 22

River Island

Day 7.

Carry out a Wardrobe Edit

Eradicate any clothing that doesn't fit you or that you 'plan to slim into'.

If it doesn't currently fit you, you can't wear it and therefore it will only make you feel guilty each time you come across it in your wardrobe. At the very most vac pack it but keep it out of your way.

Remove any clothing which still has tags on. List it on eBay as soon as you can, or pass it on to a family friend.

If you want a step-by-step guide on how to carry out your very own Wardrobe Edit find the complete break down in your Body Shape Style Guide

Alternatively book a face to face Wardrobe Edit with me and I'll come to your home and get you organised, refreshed and educated on what you have that works and what really needs to go.

I hope these tips have given you a kick start in looking and feel the best version of yourself.

If you need ANY help with anything ranging from attending your bra fitting with you, shopping for new clothing or carrying out a Wardrobe Edit for you, please get in touch and I'll be happy to help.

With Love,

Joy x