New Member Information & Codes

Updated: Jul 23

So you're now a Style HUB VIP Member.

Congratulations. It's time to get stuck in!

- Join the closed Facebook Group - The Style HUB

What To Do First?

- Redeem your FREE body shape analysis so that you're equipped with the information you need to apply all the information in the Members Zone Style Secret Blogs

Head to and enter VIPFREEBSA at the cart.

You will then receive an email with your body shape within 7 working days.

- Book your FREE 30-minute Style Analysis call when you feel ready

We discuss your style struggles in more detail and identify ways to look and feel better immediately.

Please note your call must be booked within 1 month of joining the HUB.

Please ensure you complete the personal styling questionnaire before the call.

- Make a note of your VIP 10% promo code to use on Personal Shopping or Wardrobe Edits up to twice a year- Code - HUBMEMBER10

-Take my style personality quiz and start really getting focussed on your like and dislikes

- Following that start working through the self-led style secret blogs which will give you excellent foundations of style in order to start looking and feeling great.

They are really simple to implement and prepare you for the rest of your style journey. Knowing your body shape is vital before you start the learning in order to apply the tips to your own shape.

All body shape style tips with be issued in the closed Facebook group and in your Style Secrets Blogs which you can read at your leisure.

Once you feel ready I’d LOVE you to pop an introduction post in the Facebook group, let everyone know a little bit about you, why you’ve joined ad what you want to get from being in The Style HUB.

Information regarding Style Fix emails and Style Secrets

Your weekly email will be issued on a Sunday at 8am and will be based around either a current trend, a specific outfit request from a HUB member, a high street retailers new seasonal clothing lines or items which work well for a specific body shape.

You also have an opportunity each week to tell me EXACTLY what you are looking for, what you have struggled to find or simply ask for suggestions for a particular item.

All you need to do is add your request to Mondays’ thread stating the item and Your Style ABC (Authentic Style Personality, Body Shape and Colour Palette (if you know it)

Please add to your contacts so your weekly emails don’t go to junk.

Please note, if you do not open your Style Fix email, the email system automatically assumes you no longer want to receive the emails and it may affect whether you receive any future emails.

A monthly topical Style Secret / Blog will be added in the Style Secret Directory – if you have any ideas for topics, then please shout up too.

So please keep your eyes peeled.

Plus, it's amazing content so take it all in!

Your Monthly Style Secret will be published in the Members Zone of each month.

Lots of Love,

Joy x