My top 5 things to ask yourself before buying an item.

Updated: Oct 9, 2018

So many of my amazing clients confess to buying clothes that they just don't end up wearing. They sit in their wardrobe gathering dust and sport their tags months, if not years later

The reasons are endless.

- I've nothing to wear it with

- It was an impulse purchase

- I liked it but it's not really me

- My husband said it looked nice but I'm not sure

- It makes my hips look big

- It itches but I spent a lot on it so can't bear to part with it

- It's designer and cost a lot so I don't really want to get rid of it

My advice would be to assess ANYTHING you haven't worn in 6 months.

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So imagine you're ready to buy new things.

How do you decide if it is worth the investment?

Ask yourself;

1. Would you buy the item if it was full price?

Do you love it? Are you just attracted to the discount? Do you just 'like it' and even more so, can you see yourself wearing it. Or have you seen your friend wearing it and want to look as confident as her. Remember, being your authentic self is essential. If you're not authentic, you can't be confident.

2. Do you have at least 2 items you could wear it with?

For example; if it is a pair of trousers, do you have 2 tops to go with it? Or if it is top, do you have at least 2 bottoms to pair it with? Maybe a skirt and a top; do you have at least 1 footwear option to wear with the item? If not, make sure you pick some up on that shopping trip or at the latest that week.

3. Is the fit perfect?

Are you compromising? Are you stood there saying 'it's ok', 'it'll do' or 'it's not bad?'.

Saying any of those phrases means the item DOES NOT justify your money.

Stick with it and find the perfect fit, which make you go 'yes'. It may mean spending a little more if you're plus size or spending a little more time searching, but it will be worth it. If the fit isn't right you won't enjoy wearing the item.

4. Do you prefer the outfit you just took off in the changing room to what you have on?

This is usually a good indication of how much you truly like an item. If you prefer the way the jeans you just took off look and like them MORE than the item you just tried on, don't buy it.

5. Could you find it online cheaper?

Would you get a saving buying online?

Could you get a discount code? Would you get cash back using a cashback site?

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I hope using these 5 tips stop you in your tracks before you waste ANY more money on things you wont wear.

With Love,

Joy x