Top 5 Autumn / Winter Investment Pieces For Your Body Shape

Take a minute to think about what investment pieces you need in your wardrobe.

If you refer to your body shape style bible check out the Wardrobe Basics - these are the key things I'd suggest investing in.

Here are my top 5.

1. A Biker Jacket

These are great to wear over maxi dresses and boots, with fitted jeans for your body shape, smart jogging bottoms or a maxi skirt, ankles boots and slogan t-shirt.

Remember, the more detail there is up top, the more peoples eyes will focus up there.

- Apples or Rectangles with an undefined waist. Go for a longer style that sits passed your stomach at the hips. Or go for a fitted style with a waist cinching effect.

- Pears, these are the perfect Autumn / Winter jacket for you. The lapels work really well to balance out your bum, hips and thighs. Go for one in a light colour too or one with plenty of studs and zips.

- Hourglasses and Inverted Triangles, you may want to opt for one without huge broad lapels as they will add extra width and make you feel top heavy. If you do, wear one with some wider cut trousers / a line skirt. There are lots of PU and leather jackets without lapels that have studs and zips a plenty and still feel equally edgy and cool.

2. A good quality coat in a neutral colour

By neutral I mean;

Navy, Grey, White, Charcoal (Summers and Winters)

Khaki, Brown, Caramel, or Grey (Autumns and Springs)

- Hourglasses and Rectangles

Go for a belted style. There is no need to neccessairily tie the belt as this can end up looking like a bulky depending on what you wear underneath.

You can wear the belt tied round the back or loosely - TO THE SIDE. Tying it round the front draws the eye to your stomach.

- Apples

Go for a skater style coat or flared. It will make your stomach appear slimmer.

OR - try something a little more oversized in a lighter colour and got darker down the middle (underneath) to create the magical column of colour.

- Inverted Triangles

Definitely wear slim lapels and aim to go for a flared style that will balance your bust.

- Pears

Skater and A-line shaped coats are your best friend. Larger lapels and belted styles work a dream. Your smaller waist looks great with the belt tied. And remember, it doesn't have to be tied tight if you feel self conscious of your stomach.

3. Classic, timeless boots that will never go out of fashion.

There are so many boots released each year. The style you go for will depend on your style personality, lifestyle, job and ability to wear heels (or not).

So here are some things to remember.

- the looser the fit on your ankle, the slimmer your ankles and legs with look

- pointed boots will make you appear top heavy. So if your body is middle or top heavy - avoid

- chunky boots will make you look immediately slimmer - platforms and block heels

For more footwear tips, remember to check out the Footwear Style Secret or consult your own Body Shape Style Bible

4. A reliable handbag that fits in well with your lifestyle.

There is nothing more annoying that bag swapping. During the winter I tend to use a darker bag. Either tan, navy or black. For me a backpack works for personal shops or wardrobe edits.

For you, think about what you do day to day, how much 'stuff' you need. Does it need laptop compartment, space for a water bottle? Space for a lunch box? Work paperwork?

But I'd definitely suggest saving your money UNTIL you have found a good high quality bag to bag. Do not impulse buy bags.

For more tips on bags check out the accessories chapter of your Style Bible.

5. A Denim Shirt

You don't have to tuck it in. Try tuck-untuck or leave it out or open.

Check out the Tuck - untuck Style Secret

Denim shirts are a classic item that is always a simple go to during Autumn and Winter.

Ways to wear for your body shape -

- Pears and bottom heavy

Lighter coloured top under a denim pinafore dress with tights and boots

Denim shirt tucked into a darker a-line skirt

Tucked into maxi skirts with ankle boots

- Hourglasses and balanced rectangles

Denim shirts with fitted bootcut or flared jeans and chunky heeled boots

Denim on denim, tucked and bloused with a belt

Feel too structured? Try a chambray or cotton look denim.

Try one tucked into a pencil skirt for a more formal or dressy work look.

- Inverted Triangles and bigger busted

Wear your denim shirt unbuttoned at the top rather than buttoned up all the way

Combine it with darker jeans or a flared skirt.

Wear one with light pink jeans, khaki chinos or patterned trousers or skirts.

Try a belted denim shift dress like the one below

- Apples and middle heavy rectangles

If you feel a denim shirt is too structured for you. Wear a lighter coloured denim shirt open with a navy t-shirt and trousers.

Or - wear one over an uncollared stomach skimming maxi dress.

You may even want to try a denim dress or a longer denim tunic or smock dress.

Try a lose fitting long oversized shirt with leather look leggings and calf length boots.

I hope this has inspired you to kick start your Autumn / Winter wardrobe and get investing in those key pieces.

Lots of Love

Joy x