My top 3 ways to balance out a bottom heavy silhouette

Updated: Oct 10, 2018

Pear-shapes and hourglasses with a substantial booty, do not despair.

There are lots of ways to balance out a bottom heavy body and the KEY is to create more attraction and volume up top and distract the attention for your lower body.

Here are 3 ways to take eyes AWAY from your bottom

1) Accentuate your bust

This could be by making them appear bigger if you feel comfortable, sporting a low-cut top or throwing on some eye-catching accessories.

This could also involve getting a bra fitting and ensuring that they are getting as much support and uplift as possible.

It cold conversely involve wearing a high-necked top like a turtle or polo neck and adding a statement necklace over it to create attention and interest, or adding a pair of tassel earrings if they are your thing.

2) Wear a bold colour on top

Opting for a bold colour on top will take the attention away from your bottom.

Combine your top with trousers / bottoms in a deep colour such as navy, black or charcoal. This will completely half the size of your bottom and thighs.

One thing I always remind the women I work with is that NO ONE will remember the bottoms you wear if your make your tops and accessory combinations interesting. I promise you! So invest time and money in finding a few keys pairs of trousers and jeans and wearing them time and time again.

3. Start experimenting with pattern and print

Whether it's polka dot, floral or a simple Breton stripe, GIVE IT A WHIRL.

A bold vibrant printed top will draw attention away from your bottom and I can guarantee it will start the compliments rolling in. Prints allow you to express your style personality and I'd suggest going for a print in a colour which falls within your seasonal colour palette too.

For a pear with a smaller bosom, a horizontal stripe on top is PERFECT for increasing the visual appearance and size of your chest and therefore reducing the visual appearance of your bottom.

Check out the 'getting print right for your size' blog to identify whether you should be wearing big or small prints for your body shape and the 'why wearing your best colours will change your life' style secret blog for the colour of print.

I hope these 3 simple tips will help you feel more comfortable with your natural body shape if it IS bottom heavy and that you start to enjoy experimenting with different top choices.

With Love,

Joy x