Inverted Triangle Body Shape

What exactly does it mean to have a triangle body shape?

This body shape has the broadest top half amongst the five body shapes and accounts for about 14% of the UK female population.

With your wide shoulders and bust, your silhouette is also known as ‘cone’ or ‘strawberry’ shape.

Here are characteristics typical of an inverted triangle body shape:

- Shoulders are noticeably wider than your hip line

- Your bust is medium to full

- You may have strong-looking shoulders

- Your body type may project a sporty and athletic physique

- Great legs come with this body shape

- Your hips look straight, given your shoulders are broad

- You have little to no waist definition

Here are my top 3 of EVERYTHING to wear to flatter and complement your body shape


- Low or deep V-necks; wrap tops for example

- Tops with nipped in waists that flare slightly at the hips

- Tops with vertical details on the upper body; pinstripes for example


- V-neck upper halves combined with an A-line or skater lower half

- Wrap style dresses

- A-line or flared. Swing dresses which flare out at the bottom also work really well for you to balance out your bust


- Wrap jumpsuits

- Wide leg jump suits

- Flared leg jumpsuits

Jackets and Coats

- Jackets and blazers that nip in at the waist

- Jackets with hip details

- Thin v-shaped or narrow lapels. These will have a slimming effect on your chest and shoulders


- Wide leg trousers

- Flared and boot cut styles of jeans

- Palazzo trousers or culottes; these can work really well as their width equalises your shoulder or bust width and prevents the shoulders looking overly wide. This also make your waist appear much narrower than it really is

Leggings and Jeggings

For an inverted triangle, it is essential that you do not appear top heavy

- Leggings and jeggings are not an item that works particularly well for you. Try wearing long flared tunics over them or swing dresses but avoid wearing them with short or boxy tops


- Styles with pockets on the sides

- Shorts with turn-up cuffs

- Wide leg shorts


- A-line, flared and skater

- Full circle

- Horizontal stripes and prints


- Long pendant necklace

The vertical line stops the eye reading left to right across your shoulders

- Scarves which drape vertically slim your frame and narrow your chest

- Long vertical dangly earrings

- Long scarves

These will be your ULTIMATE accessory investment so stock up in all styles


- Patterned

- Chunky

- Studded


- Cross body bags which sit low on your hip

- Satchels held down by your side

- Shoppers or tote bags which you hold down low


- Chunky heels such as block or cone

- Platform heels or trainers as these add volume to your feet balancing your bust

- Court shoes


- Solid, dark coloured tops. For example: black, navy, dark green

- Halter-necks that start wide right under your armpits

- Scoop necks

- Wide straps that complement your shoulders (and don’t make them look bigger in comparison)

Famous Triangle Shaped Women

If you really want to get the full body shape bible full of information for each and every item of clothing and how to wear it for an inverted triangle, then the Tips For Triangles Style Bible is for you.

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Joy x