How To Take The Perfect Selfie

My Top 10 Tips on how to embrace the dreaded selfie and finally feel good!


Selfie Envy - it's a terrible feeling.

You scroll through your social media and see so many 'picture perfect' women nailing that perfect selfie.

But why does it look so good?

In all honestly, it's nothing to do with 'who' it is, or how 'beautiful' they are.

It has a lot to do with everything I'm going to share with you in this Style Secret.

1) Lighting

Lighting is EVERYTHING

Natural lighting is always best, but at a party, restaurant or nightclub, it isn't always available, so we have to rely on improvising with fake lighting hacks.

To make it simple if you are indoors look / face towards the light.

Have a window in front of you not behind you.

Your lines, shadows and dark circles will dramatically reduce or even disappear.

Lighting hacks for being indoors.

If you're going to be indoors or outdoors of an evening. Maybe in a pub or club, these clip on light rings for your mobile are literally a miracle.

Click the link to shop. They retail for between £10-15.

2) Know your best side - seriously

This is key. Symmetry is scientifically attractive to the human eye so unless you have the perfectly balanced face turning it to one side will look better. Take a few shots in private and decide which is your favourite side.

You'll notice mine is my right. It is very rare I selfie my left side. Think about which eyebrow you favour (we all have a favourite eyebrow right?), if you have a lazy eye, a mole or scar you dislike or simply find it easier turning a certain way.

3) The 'Leg Bend' and 'Teapot' pose

If you are aiming to look slimmer on a full-length selfie, there are 2 main options.

One is the leg bend. Creating angles throughout your silhouette will make you appear slimmer - fact.

The other is putting your arm on your hip (think the 'I'm a little teapot' nursery rhyme'), again it creates more angularity throughout your frame and makes you appear slimmer.

See how the likes of Holly and Beyonce use the 'Teapot' Pose to balance their hips?

4) Camera height - go high or go home!

Holding your camera above your chin slightly will make your face appear much slimmer.

It will reduce any double chins and make a saggy loose jaw line appear much tighter.

Tilt your chin down a little and hold the camera high.

5) The cheek bite - yes it sounds insane but it works

If you don't fancy smiling, feel self-conscious of your teeth or simply want the sultry. sexy vibes, the cheek bite works a treat for making your face look slimmer. Simply bite the inside of your cheeks (gently), keep your mouth closed and hey presto, instant cheekbones!

6) Get your make up nailed

Instead of adding those filters that erase any living trace of your facial features, focus of getting flawless make up.

My top tips for a smooth youthful look are;

- Invest in good skincare; dermaplaning, weekly moisture masks and hyaluronic acid

- Use primer to help your make up stay on and not slide

- Apply and blend your foundation or concealer well by using good brushes or a sponge / beauty blender.

7) Stand up straight

Avoid slouching when you are taking a selfie. Standing straight can add upto 2 inches to your height and a good posture works wonders. You'll immediately look lbs lighter by standing tall. So stand up straight, one leg forward or bent and teapot arm if you feel comfortable adding.

8) Use a selfie stick

If you find taking selfies awkward, or would refer to take it from further away. Use a selfie stick. They are really cheap and mean you can get your full body in without having to trope in a friend or family member.

Selfie sticks are only around £5-10 these days so invest in one to make life so much easier.

Click the image to shop.

9) Practise Practise Practise and I mean it

My old selfies are terrible. It took a lot of practise to get my classic 'style guide' selfie pose nailed. Don't feel shame, or guilt, or like you must love yourself or be a vain cow for taking snaps over and over. If it's good enough for Kylie Jenner it's good enough for you my love.

Everyone deserves to own some nice selfies they can execute as profile pictures, their dating site gallery or

10) Understand your camera.

Whether it be your camera or a mobile phone. Understand it. Play with it and try different settings.

Ensure the focus is perfect before snapping, have the correct settings on for the social media you want to upload to and don't feel guilty if you want to add a little filter or tweak the settings.

Personally, if my selfies look a little pale. I like to turn up my rightness and add some warmth. Its a personal thing and that why practise is essential.

I think the main message overall is.....

Do everything you can to create your best looks for your selfies but MAKE SURE they still look like you.

After all, the best version of you is what we want to achieve, right?

Lots of Love,

Joy x