How to take a compliment without it feeling awkward.

Compliments, they are awkward right?

Well they don't have to be. Like anything it takes practise to make perfect.

It's difficult to receive a compliment, most of us put our heads down and reply with 'Oh what this? It's ancient'. Or 'It's just a cheap thing from Primark'. It feels uncomfortable.

However, as anyone who has worked with me will know, the more you start focussing on yourself, the more you will start to hear things like 'ooooh I love that top', 'that colour looks fab on you' and so you really need to start getting used to hearing words of flattery.

If someone pays you a compliment here is what to do.

1) Look them in the eye and smile

2) Reply with 'Ahh thank you, I'm trying'. Or, 'Ah cheers, I got it recently from…'

This doesn't sound too arrogant and comes across quite modest.

You could even say something like 'ah thanks, it's new' or 'I really appreciate you saying that, I've been trying to make more of an effort'. There is nothing embarrassing about the fact that you have made an effort and invested time in your looks and image!

Try this if you want to begin familiarising yourself with hearing nice things about yourself.


Ask 3 of your closest, most trusted friends what they think your greatest physical asset is.

I know this is not always easy, ladies!

Tell them why you are asking if it feels awkward.

Try it by text if you are embarrassed.


Accept the compliments graciously (as above) and don’t put yourself down when they respond.


Take 5 minutes to appreciate and reflect on the compliment and now review my advice to identify ways of accentuating and even flaunting those ‘best bits’ by making them a focal point for a future outfit.

Another great tip is to try complimenting someone else and see what their response is. If it is a negative one, feel how it feels to have a compliment rejected. Ensure you don't do that to someone in the future It can feel quite offensive to compliment someone and for them to reply 'ah shut up, I look like a sack of spuds'. If they respond well, take note and if you like how their response felt, use their response next time you receive a compliment.

There is nothing wrong or arrogant about accepting a compliment. After all it is one of the benefits of dressing for your body shape, you will start to hear nice things about yourself on a REGULAR basis!

I truly hope this advice will help you begin to accept compliments and see you beauty through the eyes of others.

With Love,

Joy x