How To Get Shorts Right For Your Body Shape

So shorts can be an absolute nightmare and for some women including me, we can be well into our 30's and 40's before we feel comfortable with our legs.

Cellulite, bumps, thread and spider veins and stretch marks.


Issues like riding up, chaffing, being too short, too tight and all that on top of worrying that your legs look like.

However if you work on your body image bully and focus on getting your Short choices right then hopefully from this blog onwards you can feel the most comfortable you ever have wearing shorts like a PRO.

My Top 5 Tips For Wering Shorts Well

1. Don't go for hot pant type, bum cheek grabbing 'short shorts'.

They really don't flatter anyone and are SO uncomfortable, they will chaff, ride up and end up in places that you don't want to be seen pulling them down from.

2. Make sure you can fit at LAST 2 fingers around your short leg.

3. Google or put in the search box terms like 'flippy' shorts or 'Bermuda'.

4. Don't be afraid to customise your own shorts, buy shorts with a turn up and take it down and fray it if you want, cut the inside hem to accommodate your thighs (I do).

5. Buy baggy denim jeans from Charity Shops / eBay and cut them to the length you want.

6. Look at the length of the short Vs the height of the model (usually found in the 'product description) to get a good idea of how long the sort will be on you.

Body Shape Specific Tips

Bigger Tummy (Apples and Rectangles)

Opt for shorts with pleats from the waist band. These accommodate your tummy or a c-section pouch instead of clinging and squishing it which actually draws more attention to and makes your tummy more obvious.

Definitely opt for shorts that are looser on the leg, flared or printed especially if you struggle with your lower tummy (as the print with camouflage it).

Go for higher waisted shorts that sign across your waist. Thick waist bands are also a great way to conceal your tummy if you feel self-conscious.

Bigger Hips, Bum and Thighs (Pears / Bottom Heavy Hourglasses)

You may want to go for a dense, solid block colour for your shorts. Still something more -line and flared but not so attention grabbing. If you feel happy with your tummy / waist you may want to go for a lower waisted pair.

If you feel particularly conscious of your hips you * may * want to give pockets a miss as they can widen you and draw attention to that area.

Opt for floatier styles, lower % of elastane, nothing too stiff of inflexible.

Go simple and find shorts that skim over your hip and bum and float and skin nicely on your legs.

Avoid combat shorts or anything too fussy with details on the thighs.

Bigger Busted / Broader Shoulders (Inverted Triangles / Hourglasses)

If you have a bigger bust, you will most likely look best in a printed short, it balances your top half and draws the eyes down to the part of your body you feel most comfortable with.

Style like 'scallop edge' shorts are also a great way to draw the eye to your thigh and away from your bust.

Keep your eye out for these and search for them EACH Summer at the beginning of the season as they fly out quick.

Printed, more floaty styles work SO well fr those who have a bigger chest.

Something like these from H&M are ideal.

And.....remember to tie the belt to the side, not the front.

So ladies, there is really no need to draw the 'short straw' - lol...get it.

Most of us have something we dislike about our legs, but ya know what?

NO-ONE is looking. Honestly.

Mine are battered and bruised, scared and blotchy. I have stretch marks on the inside, spider veins on my inner ankles but WHO CARES.

Does it make me less of a person?

No - I want to get my legs out so I WILL and you should TOO.

Just make sure you are doing EVERYTHING you can to make them look their best.

  • Give them a good shave or better still get your leg hair lasered if it is fast growing and course.

  • Give them a dry scrub with a sugar scrub. My favourite is the Shea scrub by Body Shop. It leaves your legs lightly oiled and not greasy at all.

  • Find a moisturiser you love. I love the Garnier Intensive 7 Days Coconut Lotion for Dry Rough Skin

And voila, you've taken care of what you CAN control so let the rest just BE,

Lots of Love,

Joy x