How to ensure accessories are your BEST accessory

Updated: Sep 17

Accessories, why do we wear them?

They finish off an outfit in my opinion and actually MAKE it if your outfit is a little basic.

Accessories can be a great way of adding elements of your personality, colour palette and personal style and they don't have to the cost the world either.

Why can accessories help you feel good?

1. They can draw attention TO an area - for example your bust or neck / ears if you feel self-conscious about your stomach.

2. They can draw attention AWAY from an area. For example, a pear shape wearing a bright scarf or statement necklace to draw eyes away from their hips.

3. They can spice up an outfit and help you project more of your unique style personality. They will definitely start bringing in the compliments rolling in.

Accessory Tip

Always ensure that you only have one LARGE / 'VODKA' accessory on.

Check out the Vodka and Cranberry Style Secret to identify which item is the vodka.

So, if you go for a bold necklace, opt for small studs or no earrings

If you go for big dangly tassel earrings, opt for no necklace or a very fine 'invisible' necklace.

If you have multiple rings on and a necklace, maybe take off the bracelets.

Kate Moss always recommended removing 1 accessory before leaving the house and that has always stuck with me.

So how do you select your accessories?

Keep them scaled to your body type.

- If you are a bigger lady, who is quite tall, large-framed, plus-sized and 'bigger boned',

go for chunky accessories, maybe larger beads, wooden bangles, sturdier chains, larger earrings. Go for wider belts with bulkier buckles.

- If you are a petite lady, dainty and medium to small framed, go for finer jewellery, delicate necklaces, slim bangles, cute studs and slim belts.


If you are wearing a dress or top with a tie around the waist belt. Always wear it tied to one side. Off centre. This will stop the eyes being drawn to the centre of your tummy and drawing attention to that area.

If you are slightly bigger or middle heavy (apples or rectangles) and you're wearing a belt through looks on a dress, try to match the colour of you belt to the colour or tone of the dress. If it is printed, choose one of the coloured and match your belt to it. It will create a waist without visually widening your waist.

If you have a short waist try not to wear a chunky wide belt as it will eat a way at your torso length.

If you are wearing a belt on jeans or trousers and this is new to you again remember that a lighter coloured belt can broaden your hips if your trousers are low waisted or you waist if they are high waisted.

Darker shades tend to work best against dark denim and metallics or white against light denim or white.

Tip for Talls.

A different colours waist belt will make you look shorter as it breaks up the length of your body.

Tip For Petites

Matching your belt colour to your dress will make you look taller and avoid cutting you in half and looking shorter

Notice how the darker belts make the models belt look so much smaller?

If you feel self conscious of a waist belt, you can always try blousing the part of the top or dress over the belt slightly.

Also, don't tie belts too tight as they will make you feel bulky. the below image has got it JUST right!

If you'd like a full run down on exactly the types of accessories to wear for your specific body shape you can find all the information under the 'Accessories' chapter of your Body Shape Style Bible.

If you are still yet to purchase yours, you can click here to order it today!

With Love,

Joy x