Hourglass Body Shape

Updated: Oct 9, 2018

What exactly does it mean to have an hourglass body shape?

Only 8.4% of the UK population have an hourglass body shape.

The Hourglass is actually the most balanced body type and is relatively easy to style in terms of balancing your horizontal proportions.

Your waist will be significantly smaller than your hip or bust measurements.

Here are characteristics typical of an Hourglass body shape:

● Your legs are shapely and one of your best assets

● Your waist is significantly smaller than your bust / hips

● Your hips and bust are typically the same size

● If you gain weight, the pounds will distribute evenly between your bust and lower body, leaving you with a proportionally smaller waist overall

● Your waist is usually quite well defined

Here are my top 3 of EVERYTHING to wear to flatter and complement your body shape


- Tops with belted or gathered waists with fullness around the bust and hips

- Wrap style tops

- V-necks and other low-ish necklines; these are really flattering if you want to slim your bust


- Wrap style dresses. These are perfect for an hourglass as you can adjust the tightness around your midriff and accentuate your bust

- A-line dresses and skater dresses

- Fit and flare dresses; show off that killer waist


- Wrap style jumpsuits to slim your bust, especially if the bottom half is wide legged. This creates balance and streamlines your figure

- V-neck jumpsuits - they are a fabulous way to accentuate your bust

- Belted jumpsuits work really well

Jackets and Coats

- Jackets with three-quarter-length sleeves. These will showcase your arms and automatically maintain your narrow waist!

- Jackets or blazers with a thin inverted lapel; the v-shape will have a slimming effect on your midriff

- Jackets with a nipped-in waist


- Bootcut or flared styles

- Wide leg jeans and trousers; they look universally flattering on all body shapes, but they look extra elegant on an hourglass

- Wide leg cropped trousers with a top of equal volume and width.

- Culottes

Leggings and Jeggings

- Leggings and jeggings can be a staple item in your wardrobe if you are struggling to find the perfect trousers. Always ensure your top ends past the hips and bottom and nips in at the waist

- Wearing a belted shirt dress over leggings would work. Wear some chunky eye-catching footwear so you don’t appear to be toppling over

- A more structured jegging can be an asset to an hourglass’ wardrobe as they give the illusion of a jean and can be worn with dressier footwear


- Wide fitted shorts

- Floaty shorts, with vertical prints

- Dark colours with more vibrant tops


- A-line or flared skirts (they need to be shaped around the hips)

- Pencil skirts. Again, only if you’re comfortable with the fitted look and emphasising your curves

- Fabric with a bit of stretch for comfort is flattering on your curves

- Printed or patterned styles

- Full-pleated skirts and skater skirts


- Long necklaces are a great choice for an hourglass as they work to slim an ample bust!

- Statement earrings

- Use statement earrings to add impact to an outfit and draw the eye away from your bust if you feel self-conscious

- Patterned scarves are a great investment especially if you are conscious of your bust and want to add colour to a more monochromatic outfit


- Adjustable waist cinching belts are a great option to wear over baggier items you may already have

- Belts with vertical details

- Wearing a belt with a dangling chain or fringing can work to add length to your entire body

- Colour-block belts. A colour-block belt will really accentuate your waist by drawing the eye there


- Tote bags worn on the crook of the elbow. These are great alternative to draw the eye to your killer waist, but ensure it’s not so big that it conceals it

- Handheld satchels which are carried below the thighs

- Hobo bags, which can be worn on the crook of the arm


- A medium to high heel to lengthen your legs and de-emphasise your thighs

- Peep toe shoes (especially high heels) will give you instant glamour and complement your hourglass body shape

- Nude footwear will elongate the leg


- Ruched waist detailing, a great way of concealing a tummy

- Darker coloured beachwear if you want to slim down your curves

- Horizontal striped tops and bottoms. They widen your shoulder and hips, making your waist look trimmer

Famous Hourglass-Shaped Women

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