Getting print right for your size and shape to avoid looking bigger than you are.

Updated: Oct 24, 2019

Get Body vs Scale Right

Scaling prints and accessories with your size ensures you won’t look bigger than you are.

Prints and Patterns

There are a few key rules to follow that will help you master print once and for all.

If you are a plus-size woman (size 14+) opt for prints which are bigger.

Wider stripes, bigger spots, large flowers and big leopard print.

Small ditzy prints will make it appear there is a bigger space as it will require more repetitions of the print to cover you.

If you are a lady who is up to a size 14 - you can wear smaller prints.

Tighter stripes, smaller leopard prints, fussier florals and more multiples of a pattern replicated.

Match your print to your size

Remember; a larger body needs larger prints.

Another tip is to strategically work with prints, shapes and details to make the eye go up and down.

Vertical details are great for plus-size women, particularly wearing wider stripes

As a petite lady, you may want to make your legs appear longer by wearing trousers or a skirt with a vertical stripe. Or, you may choose to wear a dress or jumpsuit which is striped to REALLY elongate your overall height.

As a short-waisted lady, you may choose to wear a top with vertical stripes to make your torso appear longer or as a short-legged lady, you may want to wear stripes on your legs to make your legs appear longer.

Patterns are such a great way of creating visual effects and altering the size and shape of your body if you so wish.

I hope this advice gives you good foundations to consider when selecting items with prints and patterns.

As always, if you feel great in anything which conflicts with my advice then GO FOR it. Do not be restricted. If it feels good, WEAR IT.

With Love,

Joy x