Create a more defined waist without losing weight

Updated: Oct 10, 2018

So most of us want to look a little more hourglass-like right?

For our waist to go in that little bit more and for our silhouette to appear more balanced.

Here are my top 5 tips to get that killer waist without losing a pound!

1. Tuck in your top

Yes tuck it in, you heard me right.

I don't mean right in, grandad style, with your trousers right up under your boobs.

I mean tuck it in and then tug it out a little so it is loose against your stomach.

'Blouse it' as some might say.

2. Wearing a wrap style dress or top

A wrap style dress or top creates a waist for you instantly. The wrap style gives a ruching effect across the stomach which is particularly flattering for anyone who carries weight across their midriff.

3. Belt a baggy top or dress

Depending on your body shape you will need to wear your belt in a different position.

Apples and Rectangles with a larger tummy should wear a belt under the bust across the empire line. This is much more flattering on you.

Hourglasses, Pears ad, Inverted Triangles and Rectangles with a flatter stomach wear it across your natural waist.

Or, wear belted tops which have a draw string sewn into the item. Never tie it too tight though or you will resemble a sack of spuds. You can tie a drawstring enough to create a waist without it feeling uncomfortable.

Check out the selection below.

4. Lift up those melons!

Assess your bra situation.

Are your boobs well supported?

Does your bra give you adequate 'umpft'?

A lifted bust will lengthen your torso, improve your posture and give your upper curves a boost, thus defining your waist! Boom!

If your bras need an update, make sure you get an up-to-date fitting at least once every 6 months.

My favourite go-to bra store is Boux Avenue.

5. Wear fitted clothing

You may think it is ironic that wearing clothes which define your body shape will make you look slimmer but it is so true!

Try items like a fitter blazer or jacket over a looser top, a fitted shirt with jeans, good quality tailored bootcut trousers or a fitted shift dress over a pussy bow top.

Bravissimo do a fantastic range of more fitted items for the curvier woman. Some staple items are WELL worth investing in as you will wear them for YEARS!

Check them out here or watch a video on their fabulous gape free clothing here

I really hope you try some of these simple style tips and that they make your waist feel immediately more defined. I would love to hear how you get on!

With Love,

Joy x