How wearing your best colours will change your life

Updated: Sep 14

Knowing your Seasonal Colour Palette is one of the key basics you need to know in order to develop your personal style.

Assessing the best colours for an individual can be done in a number of ways.

Seasonal and Tonal are the most common methods.

I use the seasonal method which establishes if you are Spring, Summer, Autumn or Winter.

Spring and Autumn are the warm skinned palettes and Summer and Winter are the cool skinned palettes.

When I carry out an online colour analysis I first establish the warmth of your skin tone, followed by your eye and hair colour. I do this by analysing photographs emailed or sent over to me via social media or email.

Your best colours will make your skin glow, lift your hair (avoiding it looking dull) and make your eyes sparkle.

Black is no-one's BEST colour and it certainly isn't slimming. It acts to outline your body shape and draws attention to every single lump and bump.

The colours from your palette as opposed to someone else's will reduce the appearance of shadows, lines and wrinkles. Wearing the wrong colours, from the wrong colour palette will make you look tired, older than you are and show up any discolouration your skin has.

Once you have had your colour analysis completed. You will receive an online colour palette just like the one below to print and use when buying clothing.

Alternatively you will have one in you Body Shape Style Bible if you have bought one.

"Does my seasonal palette determine the prints I should wear?"

Yes is the answer.

Prints that suit summer and winter palettes - Black and white polka dot, silver or grey snake skin, grey animal print such as leopard, zebra print and red / blue and white Breton tops. Your ideal prints would also include florals in cool colours such as light blues and bright greens.

Prints that suit autumn and spring palettes - Warm animals prints, leopard, tiger, cream and blue / red Breton striped tops, warm florals with

Remember, that colours from you palette are colours to wear on top!

The colour you wear on the bottom can be ANY colour. However you need to ensure that it complements the colour you're wearing on top.

Here is an example of celebrities from each seasonal palette.

Left to right, Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter.

Holly with her warm skin and eyes and light hair

Adele with her cool undertones and clear green eyes

Victoria Beckham with her warm skin, chocolate brown hair and deep dark eyes

And the stunning Emma Willis with her translucent skin and crystal eyes

Check out the Neutrals style secret blog to learn more about how to wear YOUR best neutrals.

Worried about which colour work well together or what colours compliment each other best?

So colours that are opposite each other on the colour chart work really well together, it doesn't always have to be colour + black or colour + navy.

Try colours together, just add the darkest shade to your biggest part.

You can apply this to every colour palette. So for example if you want to do Red AND Green and you are an Autumn.

Try a burnt orange and a moss green.

Or if you were a summer, go for a burgundy and a teal.

It is just a case of applying the concept to your individual colour pallete.

Did you know that there are also a number of colours that are universally flattering to all seasons.

This blog should have given you the colour basics you need to start dressing for your skin tone and help give you skin and hair the lift it needs.

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With Love,

Joy x