Apple Body Shape

Updated: Oct 9, 2018

What exactly does it mean to have an apple body shape?

Representing about 12% of the female population, apple-shaped women tend to appear top heavy.

You have a medium to full chest and upper back with little or no waist definition.

Most women who carry extra (or excess) weight around the torso and appear full around this area belong to this group.

Here are the characteristics of an apple-shaped body:

● You carry weight around your mid-section and chest (eg. big bust, protruding tummy)

● Your rib cage and back appear wide and you may have wide or fleshy shoulders

● You probably have fabulous legs and boobs (you may be well endowed)

● Your hips may be narrow and you may have slim limbs

Here are my top 3 of EVERYTHING to wear to flatter and complement your body shape


- Cold shoulder sleeve details which show off your shoulders

- Embellished or embroidered necklines with interesting details

- Gathers and ruching across the mid-section


- Empire waist lines; these are seams just under your bust

- Swing dresses worn over jeggings or leggings can be a stylish and comfortable option for an apple

- Wrap styles which will tailor your midriff by visually lifting up your bust (but ensure the ties sit under the bust and not across your waist)


- These can also be a great tool for you to elongate your midriff and show off your great arms and legs; just be careful where the seam sits. If you have a particularly large tummy a waist seam will just draw attention where you don’t want it to be so go for the empire seam or a wrap style

Jackets and Coats

- Jackets with three-quarter-length sleeves; this will showcase your arms and automatically make you go in at the waist

- Jackets or blazers with a thin inverted lapel; the v shape will have a slimming effect on your midriff

- Nipped waist jackets and long line blazers to elongate your body


- Flared and wide leg

- Bootcut and culottes

- Normal to high rise trousers with a flat front will help keep your stomach and midriff in place and avoid bulking up or the dreaded muffin top

Leggings and Jeggings

- If these are a staple item in your wardrobe, as they often are with apples who struggle to find the perfect trousers, always ensure your top ends past the hips and bottom and skims past the tummy. And again, wear some chunky eye-catching footwear so you don’t appear to be toppling over

- A more structured jegging can be an asset to an apple’s wardrobe as they give the illusion of a jean and can be worn with dressier footwear


- Wide legged shorts

- Shorts with horizontal, aztec or geometric patterns or a nautical stripe

- A-line shorts with a slight flare


- Hanky hems

- A-line skirts

- Skirts with horizontal prints such as stripes


- Patterned scarves. These scarves add interest to your upper body. Also, leaving the ends hanging vertically creates a lengthening effect to your torso

- Long pendant necklaces

- Bold earrings to draw the eyes up


- Wider belts look best on you, so look for the widest belt you can find. We want to keep the extra weight tucked in

- Experiment with wrapping the belt right below your bust, instead of the natural waist point. This will lift your bust and show more waist

- Medium stretch wide belts; they pull in the waist nicely without bulking and they also maintain scale on your mid-section


- Large tote bags

- Wearing a low-slung shoulder bag at the hip balances your midriff

- Wearing a bright clutch bag under the arm creates a focal point above the waist

- A large tote bag worn in front of your body can be a way to disguise your tummy


- Wedges & platforms

- Block heels

- Knee boots


- Swimwear with clever visual effects; look for swimming costumes with dark colour blocking down the centre

- Ruching at the sides and middle give the appearance of definition to the waistline and will conceal any lumps and bumps

- Swim dresses. Try a swim dress if you have an overhanging tummy or feel self-conscious about your mid-section

Famous Apple-Shaped Women

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