Save time, reduce stress and let ME find exactly what you need

How many times have you bought or ordered something new that you 'like' and once you get it home it disappears into the abyss that is your wardrobe?


You bought it without knowing what you'd wear it with, you had no real plan of when you'd wear it and you certainly didn't buy it with your body shape in mind?

This is where mindful, educated, pre-meditated shopping comes in.

An Online Personal Shop is best done after a Wardrobe Edit or a Virtual Wardrobe Edit.

It can be done for a few specific items I identified you needed or an entire Capsule Wardrobe if we are starting from scratch.


Whether you have £100 or £1,000+, my online shopping experience caters for every woman. 

No more impulse buys, no more buying for the sake of it and certainly not 'just because it's in the sale'.

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The process...

Before your shopping experience if I haven't already met you I'll give you a call to introduce myself and have a brief chat.


This will allow you to get to know me, ask any questions and put you at ease,


I'll also send over a Personal Styling Questionnaire to get a good idea of what I'm shopping for and what you may feel self-conscious of.


It will also help me to identify your style personality, likes dislikes, lifestyle and budget.

On receipt of this information, we then get a date booked in.

Online Personal Shopping 

Wanting to check dates before you commit?

Email me at: to check my availability.