Know Your Colours

Seasonal Colour Analysis

Discovering your perfect colours

You  are unique and the colour of your eyes, hair and skin will determine which colours suit you the most.

We have all worn an outfit and something just didn't quite feel right.  

Or on a particular day your skin felt dull, dark circles more obvious and your hair lost its shine.


Well it was probably because the colours were not the right shade or tone for you, even if the item fit like a glove.


We can all wear ANY colour.

It’s just about selecting the right version of that colour.


So looking great could be the difference between wearing mustard, canary yellow, butterscotch or lemon depending on what seasonal palette you fall into?

This could be either:

·         Spring

·         Summer

·         Autumn

·         Winter

Depending on whether you have;

-Light or dark eyes and the colour of them

-Cool or warm skin tone

-Light or dark hair and the colour of it


I work with the seasonal method and can carry this service out using photographs sent online.

I will identify colours and tones that really complement and flatter your individual features.

You will receive an online personalised colour chart, examples of colours to combine together and a friendly follow up email to find out how your getting along with your new colours a couple of weeks after your analysis.  

Want To Know Your Body Shape & Best Colours

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