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What Do I Get?

40+ Informative, confidence boosting style secrets helping you to dress for your shape and size.

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A new secret is added each month to keep you motivated and inspired.


The Style HUB is for you if you feel ready to;

 Learn what styles and colours work for you 

 Become more inspired, stylish and confident  

 Love and accept your body as it is today 

Transition from fed-up and frumpy to fabulous and start to enjoy clothing 

I hear you.

You're fed up with buying things that don't work for you

Standing in the queue with items you are just settling for

Not buying things because you don't know where to start

Sick of chastising yourself for not looking good enough and know it is time to change


If only you could discover the formula that works for you

That could unlock the self-love you deserve

Oh wait, you can

So How Does It Work?

Simply sign up as a VIP below, create a log in for the members zone and begin taking advantage of all the benefits below IMMEDIATELY!

What Else Do I Get?

The VIP Style HUB Membership

- A BODY SHAPE ANALYSIS, telling you how to dress and shop for your shape (worth £25)

- FRESH INSPIRATION EACH WEEK in the form of a Style Fix email. This will inform you of how to wear the latest trend for your body shape and give you ideas, examples and inspiration on how to combine items. You'll receive direct links to every item featured to shop instantly if you so wish and an explanation of why it works for your body shape

- A STYLE DIRECTORY OF 40+ STYLE SECRETS helping you work on loving yourself and making the absolute best of the body you've got

- 24 HOUR ACCESS TO JOY'S CHANGING ROOM SOS SERVICE. Contact her whilst trying on, in the changing toom or from your bedroom whilst lost for inspiration.


You also receive;

  • A daily style tip and outfit inspiration posted in the Style HUB Members closed Facebook group.

  • Facebook lives to discuss current trends and seasonal themes

  • A monthly 'Style Secret' added to the Style directory

  • Ongoing body shape & colour palette advice

  • Expert advice from Joy within the Facebook group

  • Exclusive discounts on a range of quality brands

  • Immediate access to over 40 'style secret' blogs containing timeless style advice on everything from how to look taller and more balanced to becoming more confident and authentic

I’d love to have you come join us in The Style HUB, and there are two ways that you can do it.

Your options:

Monthly Membership – this option is only £6.99 a month, with no contracts and you can come and go as you please.

Annual Membership – this option is £70 for the whole year, giving you 2 WHOLE months FREE!