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How To Take Your Body Measurements Correctly

Grab a tape measure to hand

Ensure you take your measurements in inches.




Measure across fullest part of bust, under armpits & across shoulder blades.

Ensure you are not wearing a bra when taking your measurements.




Use your fingers to find the top of your hips and the base of your rib cage.

The fleshy part in between these two points is your waist. Exhale slowly &

wrap the tape measure around.




Measure around the largest part of your buttocks.

Inside Leg

When shopping online, it may also be useful to know exactly how to measure your inside leg.

Measure from inside leg (crotch) to where the trouser hem is to sit on the shoe.


For your Seasonal Colour Analysis you will need to take 3 photos.


1. A photo of the front of your face in natural light with the light in front of you (ideally at a window)

2. A clear photo of your eyes in the same lighting

3. A photo of the inside of you wrist so I can see your veins clearly.  If your veins are not visible, please find a vein that is. For example in your leg or décolletage.