Frequently Asked Questions
Got a question about a service?  

What makes you different to other personal stylists?

 Firstly, I understand what it's like to have lived with low self esteem and body confidence. I've been there myself.  Read more about my journey here.

As a result, I know the key to changing it and want to share my secrets with you.

Secondly, I am genuine, down to earth and approachable and take my job satisfaction from the new found self confidence I bring to my clients through my services.
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I don't know my Body Shape or Colour Palette what should I do?

If this is the start of your journey you can;

- Sign up to My Online Style Course (where you receive all the information and guidance on how to calculate your own body shape and seasonal colour palette)

- Sign up to The Style HUB (the Annual option gives you The Online Style Course FOR FREE). 

- Buy The Online Body Shape Style Bible - which gives you the exact formulas to discover you. This is also included with The Annual Style HUB Membership.