Frequently Asked Questions

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What makes you different to other personal stylists?

 Firstly, I understand what it's like to have lived with low self esteem and body confidence. I've been there myself.

As a result, I know the key to changing it and want to share my secrets with you.

Secondly, I am genuine, down to earth and approachable and take my job satisfaction from the new found self confidence I bring to my clients through my services.

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What should I expect from my Wardrobe Edit?

During your Wardrobe Edit we will work through the clothing you have and identify what works and what doesn't.

I will put as many outfit combinations together as possible based on the items you currently have, group them together,  photograph them and send them to you to refer to when getting dressed.

I will then create a shopping list of items for you to purchase which will help multiply your existing wardrobe and flatter your body shape.

I want to book a Personal Styling package, how much spending money would I need?

Personal shopping is completely unique to the individual. I can complete personal shopping experiences within any budget. Your budget will determine the stores and quantity of clothing we purchase on the day. As a minimum I would suggest £100.

I'm thinking about booking a Wardrobe Edit, do I need a lot of clothes?

In short, No. A wardrobe edit is a great tool to clear out old clothes that don't serve you well, but it is the perfect opportunity to utilise the clothes you DO have which you like, suit you but that you don't wear and for us to make a list of items to purchase and integrate into your wardrobe to multiply your existing outfit options. 

Will you make me throw out my clothes during a Wardrobe Edit?


No not at all. If you have a sentimental relationship with an item then I'd never suggest getting rid of it. Likewise I understand it may be hard to part with comfort items such as leggings and baggy tops. We do things like storing them in vac packs out of sight and items you bought and don't wear which are still in great condition we plan to donate to charity, friends and family or sell on eBay.

I don't know my Body Shape or Colour Palette, can I still book a Wardrobe Edit or Personal Styling?

It's ideal if you know your Body shape and / or your Seasonal  Colour Palette before a face to face service so we have a starting point to work from.

If you don't know either it would make sense to book a package that includes them such as the 'Organise Me' or the 'Transform Me' package.

How far do you travel for Wardrobe Edits and Personal Shopping?

I travel up to 60 minutes each way from S43 postcode. 

A travel cost of 50p per mile is then added thereafter.

Will you make me get naked during my Body Shape Analysis?

No, absolutely not. Your Body Shape Analysis is completed online by inputting your bust, waist and hip measurements at the check out.

Can I pay for my services on a monthly basis?

Yes, I offer all services from on a payment plan scheme across a 3 month period. As soon as your service is paid for you can redeem it.

Book dates in the diary as soon as your first payment is made. 

Do you offer gift vouchers?

Yes, you can purchase a physical or online gift voucher.

Why not arrange for your loved one to receive a surprise email on their birthday with a special Style Guide code to redeem at the check out against a service of their choice. Message for details. 

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