Where To Start?

"The first step is deciding you want to make a change..."

Welcome to the beginning of your journey. How exciting!

The first step is deciding you want to make a change so welcome. You are in safe hands.

If you are at the very beginning and really feel in a rut, you need to know the fundamentals; your Style ABC.


How do I do that you ask?

Everything I provide is completed online. 

The Style HUB - your online community and personal shopping service

A wealth of over 40 timeless Style Secrets, FREE access to Styling Yourself Confident* & A FREE digital Body Shape Style Bible*   (both include my body shape formula)


Plus  a community of like-minded super supportive ladies.  

It's the place I hang out the most, offering personalised suggestions and  where you receive a weekly Style Fix blog each week with items YOU have asked for.

* Included with annual membership

My Online Style Course - Styling Yourself Confident

You can pick up and put down your style journey depending on your lifestyle, commitments and time restrictions.

My signature online course is designed to be done over 6 weeks but you can binge it in a day, week or make it last 6 months, it's entirely your call.


It covers everything from your style personality, body shape and seasonal colour palette with videos guiding you through each module.

A Body Shape Style Bible

The Ultimate Style Bible is a digital body shape style guide containing style and confidence tips for EVERY body shape.

Whichever way you want to take the next step, the main thing is YOU TAKE IT.


You might be scared, fearful, or convinced you have no style at this point, but believe me YOU DO.


You just need help making things easy to understand and separating all the 'fluff' that online shopping and relentless failed try on's has filled your head with.

Book A Personal Shop

- Meadowhall, Sheffield 

If you have struggled to define your own personal style, find and put together outfits that work for your shape and lifestyle then a personal shopping experience will change the way you look and feel. 

You'll be listened to, educated and styled in clothes you love to suit your personal tastes and budget and have exclusive access to the Styling Lounge to ensure you have privacy, exclusivity and truly feel like a VIP.

Style HUB Membership