What's Your Style Personality?

Your identity reflected in your style

Let's begin with 'what is a Style Personality?'

It's part of your identity and something which helps to guide you in creating outfits that 'feel like you'. 

You may at this point feel like you don't have a style at all, but you WILL, you just aren't clear on it yet.

There will be certain styles, textures, lengths, cuts and detailing you love and hate, by becoming clearer on what your style personality is you be able to prevent overwhelm when shopping and select and create outfits more easily. 

There are 5 Style Personalities we fall into:

Trend / Edgy
Natural / Classic 

However these are not designed to 'put you in a box' or restrict you.
They are merely just a guide - and YES - you can be a hybrid, or combination of one or more.  For example as a natural classic might like to wear a funky slogan t-shirt or some leopard print trainers and overlap into trend / edgy and that is completely fine.
There is no right or wrong - it just helps you to create a style identity and grow your confidence.  

Download the questionnaire below to discover your style personality and start shopping for your authentic self.