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Be inspired and supported to leave your comfort zone, develop your style and grow your confidence.

What Do I Get?

40+ Informative, confidence boosting style secrets helping you to dress for your shape and size.

Read your first 5 for FREE by clicking the secrets below.

A new secret is added each month to keep you motivated and inspired.

Why Skinny Jeans May Not Be Right

Skinny jeans only work for certain body shapes. Find out here if they work for you

print works for your size and shape?

Not sure what type and size works for your size and shape. Find out what works here

Scared of Accessories?

Learn which accessories work for your size and colour palette. Gold, silver, chunky or fine

Get bigger boobs NOW

There are so many ways you can give the appearance of bigger boobs. Find out here

What's your personal style?

Ever wondered why what works for your friend looks terrible on you? Find out here

Frightened To Tuck In Your Tops

Here you will learn how to tuck in your top in a way to immediately look slimmer and more stylish.

Vodka & Cranberry

How to confidently put items together to look balanced, stylish and most of all like you

Always Wearing Black?

Black is the least flattering colour for women of every age. Find out which colours work for you here.

Why You Need To Know Your Shape

Knowing your body shape will change the way you shop, look and feel about your body

Wating Money Again?

A check list for you to use when buying an item to stop you wasting money and make better choices

Get Bigger Boobs Fast

Simple style strategies to try to boost your bust and create the illusion of curves

Shop Savvy And Save Money

Constantly stressed when you shop? Learn how to have a calm relaxed shopping experience

Sort Your Wardrobe And Become Calmer

The state of your wardrobe has such a huge impact. Remove these items and feel the difference

Compliments Make You Feel Awkward?

A step by step guide on how to achieve and receive compliments without feeling icky

Select The Right Winter Boots

The wrong boots can make your legs look so much bigger and chunkier than they are, pick wisely

Figure Out Your Best Jeans

Discover which jeans REALLY flatter your body shape and create a balanced look

Flatter Your Figure

Learn style tips that make you look slimmer without losing weight. Simple tips to look and feel great

Create A Defined Waist

Learn ways to create a waist and combat the mum tum without joining the gym or losing weight

Advice For Pear Shapes

Discover ways to balance a your bum, hips and thighs and become more confident.

Simple Style Strategies

My famous 'column of colour' style secret helping you to shave off inches without hitting the gym.

Apple Body Shape

Read my top style tips on how to dress an Apple body shape to maintain balance and style

Hourglass Body Shape

Read my top style tips on how to dress an hourglass body shape to maintain balance and style

Rectangle Body Shape

Read my top style tips on how to dress a Rectangle body shape to maintain balance and style

Triangle Body Shape

Read my top style tips on how to dress a Triangle body shape to maintain balance and style

Pear Body Shape

Read my top style tips on how to dress a Pear body shape to maintain balance and style

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You request what you're looking for on a Monday and by Sunday

you have it in your inbox. 

The Style HUB is for you if you feel ready to;

 Learn what styles and colours work for you 

 Become more inspired, stylish and confident  

 Love and accept your body as it is today 

Transition from fed-up and frumpy to fabulous and start to enjoy clothing 

I hear you.

You're fed up with buying things that don't work for you

Promising yourself you can only wear nice stuff once you've lost weight

Standing in the queue with items you are just settling for

Not buying things because you don't know where to start

Sick of chastising yourself for not looking good enough and know it is time to change

If only you could discover the formula that works for you

That could unlock the self-love you deserve

Oh wait, you can

So How Does It Work?

Simply sign up as a Style HUB member below,

create a log in for the members zone and begin taking advantage of all the benefits below IMMEDIATELY!

What Else Do I Get?

The Style HUB Membership

- 10% OFF YOUR BODY SHAPE ANALYSIS, telling you how to dress and shop for your shape (worth £25)

- A ONE TO ONE STYLE ANALYSIS CALL via video when signing up for a year.

We discuss your Style ABC, style strategies and techniques that work best for you and setting intentions and actions for moving forward

- FRESH INSPIRATION EACH WEEK in the form of a Style Fix email. This will inform you of how to wear the latest trend for your body shape and give you ideas, examples and inspiration on how to combine items. You'll receive direct links to every item featured to shop instantly if you so wish and an explanation of why it works for your body shape

- AN OPPORTUNITY TO PUT IN A STYLE FIX ITEM REQUEST where you can quite literally ask me to find ANYTHING you are looking for and I find it by the end of the week.  

- A STYLE DIRECTORY OF 40+ STYLE SECRETS helping you work on loving yourself and making the absolute best of the body you've got

- 24 HOUR ACCESS TO JOY'S CHANGING ROOM SOS SERVICE. Contact her whilst trying on, in the changing room or from your bedroom whilst lost for inspiration.


You also receive;

  • A daily style tip and outfit inspiration posted in the Style HUB Members closed Facebook group.

  • Facebook lives to discuss current trends and seasonal themes

  • A monthly 'Style Secret' added to the Style directory

  • Ongoing body shape & colour palette advice

  • Expert advice from Joy within the Facebook group

  • Exclusive discounts on a range of quality brands

  • Immediate access to over 40 'style secret' blogs containing timeless style advice on everything from how to look taller and more balanced to becoming more confident and authentic

I’d love to have you come join us in The Style HUB, and there are two ways that you can do it.

Your options:

Monthly Membership – This option is only £6.99 a month, with no contracts and you can come and go as you please.

Annual Membership – This option is £70 for the whole year, giving you 2 WHOLE months FREE!

3 Month Starter Membership - Not sure whether to commit to a subscription, buy a 3 month package for just £20.

Buy For A Friend - Buy a Style HUB 3 Month Gift Card for a friend you'd really like to see grow into the best version of themselves. 

What Current Members Say

This group and Joy in particular are helping me to become much more confident. I LIKE looking for clothes now when I used to dread it before. I like wearing my jewellery again, I like wearing more makeup AND I LOVE the warmth and support that this wonderful community of women provides. 

- Cathy, UK