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"Fabulous service, I had the online

Kick Start Your Confidence package


Very personal online service. Joy really understands the insecurities of 'real women' and made me feel very at ease. She really goes the extra mile to make sure her clients are happy.

Would definitely recommend!


Not at all intimidating like some of the other image consultants I looked at"

Jo, Derby.

"I had colour and Body Shape Analysis & wow, it really made me realise that the things I have sat in my wardrobe with tags on will always stay there, it's not because I need to lose weight, tone up, grow taller, get a tan or find the right accessories, it's because they do not suit my colouring or body shape.


I have bought trousers I would normally avoid as I thought they made me look fat, yet I have had so many complements about how slim I look.


The process is really easy & didn't take long at all.


I love being part of The Style HUB for my daily style updates on The Facebook page.



" Joy came and completed a Wardrobe Edit for me. I was a little sceptical if it would be possible to do much with my existing clothes after recently giving away a lot of my things away due to weight loss / never wearing / being old etc but Joy assured me that whatever I had she would be able to work with and advise me how to buy better for the future.

Let me tell you, she definitely didn't disappoint!

Joy took the time to speak with me and find out exactly what I needed outfits putting together for, based on my job / spare time activities etc so she could tailor clothes that would work for me on a day to day basis and not just for special occasions or nights out.


We also spoke about putting a bit of my old style back into what I was wearing as I found that after having my two children I'd seemed to have lost my way a little and wanted to inject a bit of personality back into my clothing.

The day was such fun and completely flew past and I felt completely at ease the entire time. I was totally gobsmacked with the amount of outfits Joy put together from the clothes that I already owned and they all looked fantastic and not at all like what I had in my wardrobe that morning before she started.


Photographs were taken of each individual outfit and sent to me so I have a quick reference guide of what items goes with what and it makes it so easy now to choose the right outfit depending on what it is that I'm going to be doing.

Joy also gave me a shopping list of a few key items that she thought would benefit my existing clothing and also a list of rules/tips to ensure that in the future it would help me choose things that are suited to my specific body shape meaning that I will wear everything I buy and feel great doing so.

The amount of compliments that I have received based on the tips and advice that Joy has given me in such a short time has actually shocked me if I am completely honest. She has made me realise that I can wear what I want to wear and feel comfortable in doing so.

I would 100% recommend any of Joys service to anyone. No matter what you need help with she is definitely the lady to do it for you.

I cant thank you enough Joy x

more about you.

Kelly, Sheffield

What were your expectations of the Personal Shopping experience?

I was expecting to take a look in a variety of shops to find the bits I needed.  We ended up in a handful of shops that were just perfect - down to Joy doing her homework and knowing what stores had in, what I needed and my style.


I’m sure the reason it was so easy for me, was due to the amount of behind the scenes work Joy does, that customers don’t see.


Excellent customer service and a great listener.

Rachel, Sheffield

What did you learn throughout the

Wardrobe Edit?

"The thing that amazed me was now many outfits that I already had. I just never put them together. I think I had about 20+ outfits already. I also discovered a lot about the clothes and how they work on me. I think for me the biggest thing for me was gaining the confidence to wear the clothes that suit me and show me off and not hide me".

Fran, Sheffield

What were your expectations of the Personal Shopping Experience?

I had quite high expectations due to reading all the other testimonials. But even then, Joy smashed them. I was amazed by the whole experience.


How would you sum up the personal shopping experience in one sentence?

The best shopping experience I have ever had and that includes the ones were someone else was paying!

I had a brilliant day shopping with Joy for my Autumn / Winter wardrobe.


Joy already had in mind what would suit me and we went straight to it! I loved everything I tried on. Joy completely gets my style and so shopping with her is just so relaxed and easy.


I felt that my lack of suitable footwear was an issue so we tackled that first and focused on clothing later. Joy listened to everything I said and made sure I was comfortable with everything I bought (she knows how I can obsess over tiny details).

Joy even explained the rules on accessories to me as we wandered around. Overall I had a lovely day and came away with loads of great items that I can mix and match.


Now I just need the cold weather to arrive so I can wear everything together!

Faye, Sheffield 

What prompted you to book the service?
"I had completely lost my way and was just wearing the same old comfy rubbish that was far from flattering. Being a stay at home mum I very rarely spend on myself and decided it was time to think about me"
What did you learn throughout the Wardrobe Edit?
"I felt like I'd been in a therapy session. Joy helped me to realise that the way I dressed affected the way I think and feel. Joy helped me to know which clothes to match, most of which I would never have thought of putting together"

How would you sum up the personal shopping?


Aside from having children, the best thing I have ever done!


How stressful would you rate the personal shopping experience on a scale of 1-10 (10 being very stressful)?


Not one bit stressful. I normally HATE shopping and only shop online but I had an absolute blast!


How many outfit combinations did you have after your shop?


Oh, an infinite amount! I just don't know, so many!


Did you feel the amount of clothing you bought was worth the amount of money you spend on it?

How do you now feel towards your body image and style?


"I feel much more confident in wearing clothes that I would never have considered before as I thought they would show off the bits I hate the most, when in fact they have the complete opposite effect" 

Debby, Sheffield

What did you learn throughout the Wardrobe Edit?

1.No more ‘settling’ shopping

2.The ratio of vodka and cranberry

3.Having a hero piece - makes you feel fab!

4.What suits my body shape and how to create a balanced outfit

What did you learn throughout the Wardrobe Edit?


I learnt how to put outfits together, Joy took photos of them all and sent them to me afterwards. I still refer back to them. I still can’t believe I thought I was a pear, after talking with Joy and having my body shape and colours done, I’m clearly a rectangle.


Also I love pastel colours, but after having my colours done I now know they just don’t suit me, that's why I only ever wore them a few times before they got chucked.

How would you sum up the personal shopping experience in one sentence?

A fun, honest, stress-free and focussed shopping trip.


Sam, Leeds

I finally plucked up the courage to book a shopping trip with Joy. Had been wanting to do it for ages but would always say I'd leave it until I lost some weight.


Well, that wasn't happening so I decided to just go ahead a shop for the body that I have now. I was quite nervous beforehand as I didn't know what to expect, but my fears were laid to rest as soon as we met up. I was made to feel comfortable, was listened too, and when things didn't fit, no problem.


Joy was in and out of those changing rooms all day finding the correct styles and sizes. Joy gave me great advise throughout, I just wish I had done it sooner.


I would definitely recommend Joy and I can guarantee that you will not be disappointed.


Mary-Anne, Derbyshire 

Absolutely loved my time with Joy, she's got such a fab eye for clothes, colours and how to build a wardrobe - I see getting dressed in a totally different light now!

Takes the stress out of something I struggled with for years.

Just wish I could have a shopping day with her every month!


Thank you so much Joy, and can't wait to organise my Spring / Summer wardrobe with you.


Claire - High Peak