Body Shape Analysis

Knowing what  to wear and how to wear it

We all have a natural body shape and proportions.


A shape which no matter how much weight we lose or gain we will still have just on a smaller scale.


It may reduce or increase in centimetres or inches but will do so proportionally all over and your natural shape will still remain the same.  


This is why I encourage women to let me teach them how to dress their shape and help them accept the shape they are today and make the best of what they have.


Some of us are pear shaped, others rectangular. Some are top or bottom heavy and others more balanced.  

I firmly believe that in order to make the absolute best of what we have we must learn how to dress our individual and totally unique bodies.

By booking a Body Shape Analysis Online you will find out for sure which Body Shape you are and be able to start dressing for it.  From this point I can advise you on how to dress in ways to slim and flatter your figure to give the illusion of balance.

Whether you're tall or petite I can help you achieve the look you want to.

I can help you to disguise any problem areas and really give you the tools to find and maintain new confidence moving forward.

You will be asked to input your bust, waist and hip measurements at the check out and once your analysis is complete you will receive an online Body Shape Clothing Guide to help you make the most of your Body Shape and flatter it in new ways.

Not sure how to take your measurements?

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"Knowing my body shape has really changed the way I now shop. Even my friends have commented about all my new purchases, saying 'that style looks fab on you' or 'wow, that dress really suits you"

Once you've purchased you Body Shape Analysis, your results will be emailed to you along with your very own personalised style tips. 

The Kick Start Your Confidence Package

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Start your journey with my beginners package.

By understanding your body shape and colours, you'll have a better understanding

of what clothes suit you and why.

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